Survived the Birthday Cake x 2

Hello, I haven't been around since Friday, i think, not even for the weigh in yesterday. I STS so I'm happy with that. Wee ones Birthday weekend was a huge success and her  party was good fun. Had an extremely weird day yesterday, the desire to eat was so strong that I actually felt like I had cheated even though I hadn't. I kept thinking oh well I might as well have a massive binge and start again tomorrow even though I had loads of calories left. 

i came home from work and went for a nap and when I woke I felt much better, i was able to think about what I really wanted to eat. In the end I went to bed with a surplus of 165 calories but I still felt like I had cheated cos my head wanted to eat so badly.

Today has been perfect and I'm sooooo relaxed. I hope everyone is doing well x


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9 Replies

  • That's great, certainty  shows  your  determination  and willpower there Maiziepops 😁x 

  • I am feeling very full of peppermint tea - I have been drinking it to keep me away from snacks. I have already eaten all today's calories, but when I'm too tired to do anything but watch TV and hubby is out, is the most difficult time for me to keep away from the crisps. (Sadly I can't ban them from the house, as it is only me avoiding them.) Will go to bed soon, as the ultimate way to beat the cravings.

  • Tiredness is one of the biggest triggers for me and I have to be super vigilant as it creeps up on me and I get cranky and my body craves sugar. I am learning what my triggers are and thats a biggy. I think the key to success is recognising patterns and reasons why you eat and replacing those feelings and desires with more positive pass times.

  •  Very true and good that you have recognised the signs 😊

  • I really had this problem too.  But my son switched to prawn cocktail crisps which he loved but I didn't.  Seemed to work.  I never had a whole packet, Just the odd taste and spit!  I absolutely forgot to get them through several weeks' worth of shopping.  I apologised profusely and offered to walk with them to the nearest corner shop to get them.  No takers!  Often we are buying them to tempt us, they actually don't care and don't notice if they're not there.  Since Christmas, I have been telling myself I can have crisps any time I feel like making them.  Somehow that has really taken the pressure off.  And no, I haven't!  

  • Definitely shows your determination! That is my biggest flaw so will need to take notes from you on how you done it!! :)

  • It's the day after than planned sugar intake.  Our bodies or minds shout more please.  At least that's what it feels like.  So proud of you for not giving in.  Will of steel, you!  

  • Well done sounds like you have strong will power, be proud of yourself.

    Good luck


  • Woohoo! Well done for resisting.  I also find that it's hardest to resist things that are actually in the house.  I will occasionally buy things like soda or potato chips (sorry, crisps you call them!) but only for a special occasion.

    I also resisted gorging on cupcakes yesterday.  I'd bought 30 for my Brownie meeting (we were decorating them), only to have only 17 girls as many were away on a school trip!  I managed to get the other leaders to take some home to their families and then unloaded the rest on the neighbor's sons.  Net result, I only had one and I had planned for it.

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