Feeling Motivated!

Feeling Motivated!

Hi All, Yes I'm  feeling motivated and  determined!😁

Well I got on the scales Monday to note my starting weight,(couple of pounds extra  than expected tbh!)  but hay-ho,  lol,

Then I got the  ole tape measure out n jotted down the figures on paper! I'm  sure my tape measure must have stretched? lol...

Day 1-Monday, I planned my meals, and surprised myself  how my total Calories for the day came in at under 1400!

And I kept active and started Day 1 of the Couch to 5K! ....Well I waded through the stuff stacked on top of my neglected Dusty Treadmill in the Garage, but I dusted her off, n plugged her in! Walla I was away to the woods, lol... so when I'd finished it I was certainly hot n bothered! haha ...face like a Tomato! felt like I'd  caught the Sun, the way it was burning  up! haha... but I did it☺😊☺😁😊☺

So day 2 today, again meals  were on track, well under  my allowance !Gosh I shocked myself...(I think it just goes to show, when your aware of the Calorie content of foods, its surprising what you put back in the cupboard or fridge! lol).. didn't intend doing exercise  today, but I ended up doing my second session  on the Treadmill 😁

I'll skip tomorrow  as  I've a long shift at work, but will plan my food diary&  chose wisely when out at lunchtime, and get some walking in ☺

Hope your all on track and have had a good day too.😀Trac x



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8 Replies

  • Two successful days 😊 Great to hear, you are well on track now 😊

  • Cheers Anna  😁x

  • Hi Trac, good on ya, have you done the BMI calculator on here, it tells you what the  calorie range is for your specific height and weight. I use MFP and my calories on that are 1780 but on here they range from 1900 to 2600. I always stick to MFP but its handy to know if i go over that I'm not doing too much damage.

    good luck

  • Hi  Maiziepops, Aw gosh I certainly  have done my BMI! Mmm  bit Shocking!lol😕  but  I'm gonna make a change to that number very soon I hope  ☺..ah no not familiar with MFP? I'll  have to check that out, cheers Hun,  thanks for the advice 😁x

  • Well done. You've made me feel a little guilty now, my treadmill has been in the garage for over 8 years and isn't coming out anytime soon. Totally agree that when you check the calories it really helps to stay in control, and 1400 cals allows for quite a bit of food if you choose wisely. (For some reason I just thought of 28 apples at 50 cals each or 7 bars of chocolate at 200 cals a bar, anyway that's me being silly) 😄😄

    Hope you have a good week.


  • Haha! Luv it.. believe you me Hun, I'm NO fan of exercise really,...yeah  it makes us think of how we can maximise the Cal's... and  squeeze in a bit of what we fancy as well ey,  Anon-E-Muse,😄.  Making the most of what we can have is certainly an education for us, lol...(TBH I've got a girly catch up with my friend on Thurs, which involves a drop of vino or two!😋, so I'm trying to bank a few spare calories  to compensate)lol 😂x have a good week too😁

  • Love the cartoon! I've started listening to music as I exercise and it really helps  😃. Keep it up!! X

  • Well done keep it up. My treadmill is in a bedroom but I dust it more than I use it, lately I have been using it though. 

    I loved reading your post, thank you.

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