Beautiful bluebells!

Good evening everyone.  Just wanted to share this with you. I have been out this evening with my husband for a lovely walk in our local woods.  It is quite a steep hill to climb to get to them and for the first time in ages I made it up to the top without stopping. I was rewarded with a lovely sight at the top as the woods are covered in a blanket of beautiful bluebells. So am feeling very happy this evening and pleased with myself for doing 4179 steps. Hope everyone else is having a lovely evening too :)


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13 Replies

  • I've had a good day off, seeing a friend earlier, and food shopping later on, so much fruit and veg, loving red / yellow peppers as snacks!

    Managing to avoid the biscuits too

  • Well done for avoiding the biscuits! ;)

  • Love Aldi and their choc,  ( it's too far away) my local lidl isn't as good

  • That's great muffintop! I'm lucky to have several bluebell woods around, many of them don't require climbing ;-)

    But good on you, and I hope you enjoyed the view! :-)

  • It's a shame they only flower for a short time. But it was a fab view :)

  • True, but if you time it well you get a sea of blue and white if you catch the snowbells on their way out... We had quite a few places where both were in bloom at the same time this year, very pretty. 😊

    And there's always next year, maybe you kind find a steeper/higher hill for next year's bluebells. 😉

  • Bluebells are beautiful. Ours aren't out yet, they normally flower fir my birthday (May) 😊😊😊 well done on your walk and improving fitness 😊

  • Thanks Anna61. I had hurt my back last Thursday so had not done much exercise since. It was good to get out and get back on track.

  • hope its not Rannerdale ...dont want to miss that beautiful sight!

    glad you had a good evening .

  • Hi modge. I just googled Rannerdale and my woods are on a much smaller scale that like by the look of the pictures. It does look beautiful - hope you don't miss it.

  • Love bluebells and the occasional white one.  Taken over my front garden.  

  • Oh how lovely I would love to have some in my garden but it is mainly grass, a shed and a great big trampoline for the kids. But luckily the woods are only at the end of my road so I can just walk there anytime.

  • They were given to me by a friend about 20 years ago.  All duly planted and no sign of them for about 10 years, then just as I was planning a redesign, they all came up everywhere and I have lost the motive to change it.  Again!  

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