Hi everyone,

I have been following the chats, but have as yet not written anything.   Today I needed to tell somebody at the top of my voice... I am finally Overweight and not Obese any longer.    I have lost 13 Kg ( I think it is about 2 stone) in the last 3 months and one dress size.    I am very chuffed to have reached this goal.   I am still planning to lose more as I will be on the back of a Tandem in 4 weeks cycling thru France for 5 weeks along with my hubby who has also now reached his Overweight goal.

Keep up all the great work and conversations.  I love reading it all.



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14 Replies

  • Wow, well done to you both. Have a great time cycling, my goodness you need to be fit to do that.

    Again well done and thank you for sharing you're brilliant news.

  • Thanks Cockneyblue, we sure will have a good time.  We did a 3month cycling 2 years ago which we called the Turnleft Tour... meaning we went out our from gate and turned left and cycled to Assissi in Italy.  I might add that we are middle 60 and I only started cycling for the first time in my mid 50's  My daughter had to teach my how to cycling!    

  • Now that is ALL amazing you must be a really fun couple. I only turn left but don't get out of our village I'm afraid. Cycling scares the life out of me but I love my bike, Ruby, is her name.

    I will keep an eye on your journey it sounds so exciting go for it! 

    Well done.🚴

  • Very well done Mammon. That is a fantastic loss. You should shout it from the rooftops! Your holiday sounds like fun and I am sure you will burn lots of calories cycling for 5 weeks :)

  • We are hoping that it would help our weight loss even though we will be cycling thru France with wonderful pastries, cheese etc   As I said before, we are a retired couple on a Tandem... so if you do such a sight be patient on the roads

  • France is beautiful 😊 I often wonder how French women stay so slim with all the amazing food, but I have been told they eat exquisite food but minute amounts!!! We watched a lady nibble the corner off a croissant then have a black coffee  😕 Might explain something 😕

  • We will be writing our blog as we go along. I will let you guys know and then you can perhaps follow us as we cycle on our merry way. It would be on a site called crazyguyonabike.com

    Our previous trip was also blogged there (crazyguyonabike.com/Turnlefttour). We have not as yet decided what this tour will be called, who knows......

  • Sounds great 😊 Will Look out for it

  • Can't wait to find out the name of the tour, bet it's good 👍

  • Yippee 😊😊😊 great news 😊 Just think how much easier that cycling will be 😊

  • Isn't this just fabulous. Well done, i have several stone to go before I'm overweight but its a huge goal....5 weeks on a tandem...you're keen lol good luck

  • Well done!  A really great achievement 

  • Yay Mamou -what a fantastic post - so pleased for you. Have a lovely time in France. 

  • Wow very well done!

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