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Just wanted to say hello!

Hello, I have just signed up & wanted to say hi! Why am I trying this? The old saying quick to put on weight, eternity to lose it! I've just had a ripple bar & whilst enjoyable, it hasn't even filled a hole, so taken the plunge & started researching the NHS diet plan. Been recommended by my GP & because of hereditary illnesses, plus those I already suffer from, topped with being obese, I've got to do something & if this boosts my self esteem & confidence at the same time as losing weight, then it can only be a good thing. Looking forward to reading these posts & seeing what is happening locally. Thank you for taking the time to read this!! Bye

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Hello.........it won't take ages to lose a few weeks, months maybe, unless you are grossly obese like the American 600lb show! 

You'll find things tough, have difficult moments and get lots of answers from here if you need them,plus encouragement too


Hi Diane, thank you for your message & kind thoughts! I've really got to do something & this site has been recommended! How are you getting on? Are you following the 12 week plan?


No I've never followed the plan, nearly at goal, well been and returned,  a maintainer mainly.

I've done stages 1st March 2012 for my 50th, 12st 6, to 11st, then summer 2013 10st 8, back to 10st 12,  for a bit till last autumn, aiming for 10st 8, now almost at 10st 4, where I'm happiest.

I've devised my own route, stay here to encourage others 


That is wonderful Diane, congratulations! I bet you feel & look great! I'll keep an eye out for your postings & if okay, may I ask you for advice as I go along! Already chuffed to pieces because of these replies, so a good start! Again, thanks!


Yes of course

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Hi sazzy 😀 

I'm quite new to this forum and have found it to be very friendly and informative. 

I am also on the nhsweightloss 12wk plan (now on wk 8) and have found it to be fantastic.

The 12 wk plan and this forum have all contributed to my 1stone weight loss in 7wks!!! 

Follow the plan - it works. 

Eat well,  lower sugar levels,  smaller portions,  snack wisely, move more and remain positive!!!

You can do it 😀

Claire x 


Hi. Try the 12 week it just makes you write things down, your calories and exercise its not until you write it down you see how much or little you have eaten or exercised.

It's great fun being on here everyone is so kind and helpful.

Good luck you can do this.


HI Sazzy71. Welcome to the forum.  I find it great for help and support. There is always new posts to read and comment on. You don't feel like you are doing it alone. Its a lifestyle change more than a diet.  I have decided that although I like all the naughty stuff biscuits/cake/cheese/double cream etc I want to be healthy more. I can have all these things in moderation and within my calorie allowance for the day. It really made me realise how much rubbish I was overeating. Hope it helps you in your journey. Best of luck :)


Hi Sazzy71 welcome.

If you haven't already looked, there is a Welcome Newbies page on the right (under 'Pinned Posts'). This has a lot of advice and help.

Everyone on here is friendly and encouraging. I joined four months ago and was obese. I'm now overweight, having lost over a stone at an average of one pound a week. We all have good and bad days but that's life.

Please feel free to join the Monday weigh ins and challenges. They help me keep on the straight and narrow, although I have fallen off the wagon a few times, they help me get right back on track.

Hope to see you about on the forum 😃

Anon-E-Mouse 🐭


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