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I'm another new one


I've only just found this site. I'm 18 stones and have tried and failed at lots of diets, so I'm hoping that this is the one to help.

I weighed in this morning and will every monday not going near a tape measure yet.

Have 5 weeks until a big 3 week holiday so want to get the ball rolling, then get back to it on my return.

Am on the exercise referral scheme but because of joint pain am struggling at present but will keep on trying

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Hi janecad, you can do it, the NHS plan works, I started at just over 19stone and I have lost over 5 stone so far!

Check out this post by Moreless, it is full of information especially for new members and there will be links within it as well as hints and tips from successful losers.


I hope you get through for the exercise scheme soon because exercise really helps.  I have many joint problems and was almost unable to walk last summer, before I began the weight loss plan, but gradually I have worked my way up to doing a lot more.  As the weight comes off, it gets easier.

If you can get to a pool, swimming or aquarobics are fantastic, or, if you can get to a gym, the recumbent type of bikes are a blessing.  It was all I could do at first, but it was wonderful because it supported my back.  Also, lifting weights (gently goes it, though) is marvellous to help weight loss because it regulates your insulin levels and also muscle needs more calories to maintain.  It helps get you looking slimmer quicker because of being toned too.

Anyway, best of luck - just ask if you get stuck!


Welcome Jane,

trying and failing is normally a sign of lack of motivation to continue doing the right things to help you lose weight. This forum is fantastic to keep you motivated.

As for measuring, then my advice is to do it! It is a great way to keep you going as you see the inches fall of of your body and knowing this is fat you are getting rid of. Also take a photograph of yourself now, no need to post it, so you can see just how far you are progressing as you get closer to your target.

Lot to Lose has given some excellent advice and her weight loss is fantastic so if she can do it, so can you! 



Hello Janecad 

Like Many people on here I have been on the yoyo diet journey Many times 😕  This time, for me, feels different because I am enjoying the whole process. I follow an eating plan that is sustainable with enough to eat and treats allowed, and have created good eating habits. I have also gradually increased exercise, which I really enjoy now, quite a surprise I can tell you!! 😊

It is about a mind change, finding a reasonable eating plan so you are not feeling deprived, and convincing yourself that you can do it, having a bit of self belief 😊

Good luck and very best wishes 😊

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Hello Janecad, just wanted to wish you all the best for this exciting journey to get fit and healthy.  I don't have anything to add other than good luck and welcome to a lovely forum... Be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time. X


Hello Janecad, You didn't fail, you practised!  Think what size you would have been if you hadn't had periods of losing.  

It is worth measuring everything in sight at this point, because it will really cheer you up to see how many inches you have lost, should there ever come a day when you don't lose the number of lbs you want.  You don't have to measure yourself.  Ask a friend or family member to do it for you.  They don't have to tell you what they are!   I did measure myself when I started and have never been back to it as going down Jean sizes was enough for me.    But it will be nice to do it, when I am back with a decent amount of exercise.  And into every last one of my old favourites.

I did the medical referral scheme.  It was a revelation.  Both in returning me to fitness after a knee op and in the difference exercise can make to shape.  And to be honest, going there made me feel extra young, alongside my fellow exercisers, who were lovely and chatty but very decrepit compared to me.  

So enjoy getting back to your happy, healthy eating and bouncy self.  If you treat it as a fun project, it will be!



Use the measuring tape! Even if you don't lose weight on the scales, the measurements may tell you differently. How about joining the new challenge organised by sueper Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans etc? This is concentrating on measurements which makes a refreshing change.


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