Onwards and Downwards to Week 3

Well after losing 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks I've been feeling pretty chuffed and wondering where this new week is going to go. So far I've been out for lunch, looked up the menu and checked calories as far as I could beforehand and so made food choices that equalled about 800 calories. Surprise cheesy garlic bread that my friend wanted to share didn't phase me, I enjoyed a couple of slices and then felt full anyway. I love being able to go out and not feel I've blown it and so give up completely. I am so gonna blow this excess weight to smithereens! Have a good week everyone! 😀xx


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17 Replies

  • What a fab loss, please don't be upset if us a 1 lb week from now on tho! Which is normal

  • I agree Diana, I'm fully expecting it to slow down, it's certainly safer but it has given me a nice start. I'm hoping for long term changes not quick fixes so slow and steady will be best ☺xx

  • You've had a bumper start, I imagine you have a fair bit to lose, if you've lost do much already.

    Habits need to be devloped

  • 4 stone 4lb all together and relying on the good support on here to help with habits 😀

  • So I hope you lose at a faster rate!

  • Thank you!

  • Well you did everything right, planning for events is the way to go. When that's not possible just try to make the healthiest choice, have a good week and we'll done on weight loss so far.

  • Thank you Bingbong10429!! 

  • Brilliant post. Positive and inspirational keep it up :-)

  • Thank you! I will!

  • Yes!! Smithereens are the way forward! Keep it up : )

  • Definitely and good luck to you Garfield_123 x

  • Well done..what a result!!

  • Go girl, you are a real inspiration, well done.

  • Well done you 😊 You are really in control niw 😊 Onwards and diwnwards

  • You star!!!! What a fantastic start, but you are also proving you can go on holiday and eat out, and lose weight, that is control. Go girl, you are an inspiration!!! 

  • Thank you Julie! You have a great week. If I can do it you can too 😉x

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