Sweet potatoes or regular potatoes?

This evening I made some sweet potato and carrot chips to accompany my Birdseye fish, along with a mini corn on the cob and broccoli. (So good). Meanwhile my other half - 6'3" and permanently slim - had the usual chips and bread with his fish (and none of the extra vegetables in sight). Anyhoo, it occurred to me that I was only having sweet potato as it's part of the new 'eater of vegetables' KT (so far 10 weeks in and I've lost 6kg, which I'm very happy with - another 6 to go) and I had no idea whether they are actually better for you than normal potatoes. 

It led me to reading this article which is really long but really fascinating - I was going to share it on Twitter but realised it was probably of a lot more interest to you lot :)



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8 Replies

  • Takes me back to my blood type days, and dr'D'adamo and his books, there is a lot of common sense in stuff, highly beneficial goods, neutral and avoids, complex stuff tho

  • I love sweet potatoes (and ordinary potatoes).  That is a great article and I have bookmarked it to read it in detail later.

    Meanwhile, I leave you with this:

  • oh well i suppose i should read this article instead of watching Masterchef on telly where they are making all these dishes that i cannot have :-)

    Oh and apparently purple sweet potatoes are the thing to have now, seems that you can live forever if you eat them everyday? (all to do with the anthicyanin?)

  • I do indeed note the effect of foods, and find potatoes and other high Gi foods make me hungry within a short time, even when I 'feel full' and mix them with other foods.

  • Bigger fan of rice,and celeriac, rice seems digestable to almost anyone, potatoes are not.

    Nightshade veg can cause issues with arthritis

  • Thanks for the interesting post. I do enjoy and prefer sweet potatoes, and your meal sounds lovely. 

  • it was! :)

  • I like sweet potatoes but think they have slightly more kcal than the good old spud.  So my portions of them tend to be smaller and chopped into smaller pieces.  So they look like more.  I know sweet potatoes have good vitamin and probably mineral content too.  But for decades some of us have gotten most of our vit C from ordinary potatoes.  I think the most important point is to stop peeling and scrub and eat the skins.  Not only increases the fibre but also improves the vitamin content against peeled ones.  

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