Ideas other than running?

Hi all!

As well as sticking to 1400 cals each day I either go for a run or on the indoor bike. I much prefer running as this seems to burn the fat(?) better - I'm usually out of breath and sweating A LOT compared to cycling which I find very easy(even at a very fast pace!) Has anyone got any other ideas that I can do when the weather is nasty instead of my runs? I want to be out of breath, that way I know I've worked hard!

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  • Having just got an exercise bike I will live in hope to one day be able to cycle and not get all red faced sweaty and out of breath!!! Lol 😂😂😂

    Apart from the obvious swimming and the gym, what about aerobic  videos? I hear Davinas new one is good. 😊

  • Hahahaha!

    I actually forgot about swimming so that's a good idea!

    And I will see if I have any of the fitness DVDs lurking around! Thanks!

  • I find I can get my heart rate up and out of breath on a cross-trainer or a step machine if you have access to either of those.

  • Thanks! :D

  • All that energy shouldn't be wasted! 

    How about trotting up and down the stairs a few times - carrying a hoover?  Pushing said hoover will then make you lovely and warm - and then there are the windows to clean, the ironing to do, the bathroom to polish...don't know how anyone has the time or energy left to do other types of exercise these days!..... (says me laughing)!

  • Hahahaha thanks!

  • Try spinning classes. You can burn over 500 calories in 45 min. It's so tough!

  • I've always wanted to try a class, maybe I will!

  • Make up your own set of bodyweight circuits to do at home or look for some online. 1 min on 5 exercises then break for a min usually does it. Repeat 4/5 times and youll be knackered in about 30 mins 

  • Thanks for the idea!

  • Hi 😀

    I'm rubbish at exercise - very little will power but when I started my weight loss mission i bought davina's 5wk fit.

    It's really good, it even has a 5wk schedule and gives you a daily work out plan (which includes 2 rest day's) the work outs are really varied and only 7mins long (with bonus 3mins if u have enough energy) and a longer 21min work out if you have longer. It also has 2 warm ups to choose from and a cool down. I don't  stick to the plan rigidly (I have a life, 2kids, a dog and a job😀) but it's really fun and seems to work - my hubby even joins me !! 

    If you do a warm up x2 work outs and cool down it takes only half an hour and works all your body.  Some of the workouts requires weights for your arms too. (Tins of beans worked until i got some) 

    I definitely feel more toned and it's all done in the privacy of your front room !!!!

    Good luck with what works for you.

    Claire x 

  • Thanks so much, I'll defo check it out! x

  • That's the one my friend has, she really likes it 😊

  • It is really good, quite hard as it's high intensity but seems to work 😀 just done warm up 2, HIT work out and abs work out then cool down 😥 puffed out but feel great !

    Maybe you could borrow your friends to see if you like it x

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