In desperate need of help and motivation please :(

Hi I'm Gemma. I'm 21 years old and come from Central Scotland. I'm in desperate need of some help and motivation to loose some weight. I've been really struggling and my will power right now is non existent. I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in the End of July and a fitness test for the Navy I'd love to pass and I feel like I'm at an all time low.


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  • Hi Gemma, welcome to the forum it is a friendly place and you will find motivation and encouragement here.

    Moreless has written a great welcome newbies post, which you can find here:

    It will help you find your way around and give you loads of hints and tips to get you started.

    Any questions, just holler!

  • Thank you very much. Im going to start the plan tomorrow so fingers crossed. Only thing I'm worrying about is sticking to the calories every day and making sure I stick to them.?x

  • Hey Gemma, I'm 21 as well and I know how miserable it is to feel so rubbish about yourself when you just want to enjoy being 21! I started the 12 week plan today and I'm new on here but I've already found it so encouraging. I hope it helps us both find some happiness with the way we are. I'm gonna follow you and we can encourage each other if you want. Good luck with it all and I hope you feel better soon.

  • Hey! I'm so glad there is someone else in the same boat as me. I'm starting the plan tomorrow so fingers crossed! We can definitely both encourage each other and keep each other going! Best of luck xxx

  • Hi,

    I'd say, stay on this group, it's really friendly and supportive.  There is a weekly weigh in - you could join that thread today if you like (it's Mondays and I think also Fridays) - it's a good motivator.  Also, I'm on week 7 of the 12 week plan now and have shed 11lbs, so go for it!  I print out the sheet each week and put it up on the fridge (a prominent position) as a motivator to keep going and improve.

    Good luck!

  • Already I have found it so supportive so i'll definitely be sticking to it. Ive printed some off ready for the fridge and to keep me motivated and I'll be joining the thread!

    Thank you!

  • Living in central Scotland, can you not join a walking group and get out on those beautiful hills and mountains in your area?  There is no better way to get fit and to put some distance between you and the food! 

    Also cycling, swimming and just being outdoors will improve your wellbeing and make you feel more positive - not just for the wedding ahead, but generally. 

    Combine being more active with a generally more healthy approach to food - smaller portions, more fruit and veg, less alcohol and sugary drinks.  You are only 21, at the start of your adult life - make that decision to enjoy it by getting fit and healthy.  Good luck!

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