Major decision


Well after months of diet calorie control and 6 days for 1 1/2hrs each time everything is shrinking big time but my tummy is taking a little slower.  I have decided to cut biscuits and sweets out of the diet (not that I eat everyday, limit amout and eat low fat/cal ones like marshmallows-maltesers-gullon gluten free) but well worth a try and for me this is a major step.  Shopping tomorrow and nothing is on the list.

This is going to be hard and interesting.


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  • Go for it, Wendy, it will be worth it!

  • Go for it 😊 Good luck

  • You are doing so well Wendy and really making important changes.  I'm sure you will get the results with your efforts..keep it going 

  • Hi, day 1.

    Wento shopping walked down the sweet/ chocolate and biscuit aslie picked up items for my husband and never even thought about picking something for myself.  

  • Well done for resisting. I admire your strength 😀 

    ( just don't pinch too many of  your hubby !!!)

    With this mind set you can and will achieve a flatter tummy x

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