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Week 2

Week 2 has been a productive week. I only got in 3 workouts but they were good. I did start my period last week and having weighed in today I'm 1lb up. I've been doing everything pretty much correctly. Eating well, exercising and staying with my calorie limit.

This is week exercising is at the forefront and my goal is to workout 5 days this week, tomorrow I have a double workout day. I have a personal training session then a bootcamp class after. 

I'm not going to dwell on the fact that the scale has gone up. This week is a new week and I'll see what I can tweak to make it better. 

I hope your week was better than mine! 

All the best for this week! 

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There are so many factors that can impact on the weight on the scales, some people have a tendency to have strange fluctuations from week to week, but the overall trend is down.  So, fingers crossed you get a great result next week, it does sound like you are doing everything right and your efforts WILL be rewarded.

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Hello maryfunke 

Those pesky monthly cycles !! Grrrr. Even though I am through with it my weight losses still go in monthly cycles 😕 Like you,my focus on the improving  fitness and overall trend. Good luck! 😊

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