Low Calorie but filling snack advise needed

What i am struggling with at the moment is staying non-hungry between meals. I've increased my fruit and veg intake to snack on but still feel hungry so if anyone can recommend some low calorie (less than 100) but filling snacks (quite happy to make my own) that i can bring to work i would really appreciate it. 

Thanks everyone and good luck with your personal journeys x


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19 Replies

  • Good morning ChelleUK 

    You don't mention which plan you are following but are you eating enough at the meals? And eating a mix of protein carbs and veg? Could this maybe why you are hungry between meals? 

    I'm not really a snacker but I do like either oatcakes or ryvita spread with low fat Philadelphia and sliced Apple 😊

    Good luck 😊

  • HI Anna61, thanks for your reply.  I'd like to think i am but who knows :)

    I'm just trying to stick to a low calorie diet based on 1400 a day split as 280 breakfast, 420 lunch, 420 dinner and 280 snacks/drinks.  I'm typically having bran flakes for breakfast, a brew and juice, lunch is normally salad with meat/tuna and jacket spud (or soup) and dinner is from the Change 4 Life suggestions topped up with loads of veg.  My 280 snack allowance is being used up with banana/apple/carrot/berries etc.  It's mainly between breakfast and lunch that i'm feeling peckish and then around 4.00pm even with my snacks.  

    I really want to start the C25K when my bug has gone and want to head out as soon as i get home but by the time i get there i'm really hungry so the thought of heading out to do exercise at that point isn't seeming very appealing at the moment.

    I'm hoping that it's just my body getting used to not having as much food as normal but i really need to get my levels right otherwise i think i'll lose heart.

  • Hello ChelleUK 

    I also have 1400 calories, and prefer a larger lunch and/or decent breakfast 😊 I don't eat first thing, but usually have toast and egg or similar for breakfast, or an early lunch of pasta/pitta bread etc. I have often had 800 calories before 2pm, but  it seems to suit me better, especially after a morning workout. My evening meals are often vegetable based, chilli/lasagne/curry 😊 I started this way of eating to help menopause symptoms but the side effect has been less snacking 😊

  • Protein in the form of eggs is always good, or nut butter on toast! Would fill you up for longer too

  • Hi Diana, unfortunately i don't have time to cook before work but i'll try this at a weekend, love eggs in any form by fave is poached and we are lucky enough to get free range from a friend. 

     As for nut butter.........not for me i'm afraid, love nuts, love butter but together...blurgh :)  i work with a guy who has it on toast topped with a banana and it makes my toes curl lol

  • Maybe hard boiled eggs to take to work?  Cook the night before

  • Eeeek!! 😳😳😳 I'm with you there !! 

  • Finn crispbreads are 22cals each and are nice with lightest philadelphia. Or what about making a low calorie soup which you could transport in a soup-in-a-mug. My spicy carrot soup is only 85 calories. A small piece of fruit is 50 calories but I know you are already eating veg and fruit. A piece of bread from a small sliced loaf is about 65 calories. You could top that with quark and tomatoes perhaps. It depends on whether you are trying to cut out bread and sugar or not as to some snacks that I would go for. What are your diet plans ChelleUK?? Hope this helps a bit but ignore if not!! X

  • Hi Fab-Jem, checked out the crispbreads and got myself a pack, only 19cals each!  what  a bargain :) had 2 with a little bit of chicken past sandwiched between and they were delish and more filling than a bit of fruit - thanks 

  • You're welcome!

  • Hi ChelleUK

     I snack surprisingly little, but when I snack, it tends to be unhealthy, but there is something rather satisfying about a little breakaway - grains covered in chocolate - 99 calories. I also love lentil curls (Burts in particular), also 99 calories per pack, again - not very healthy.

    What I always enjoy though is some humous (low fat available in all sorts of flavours, worth shopping around as the full fat versions can be OK on calories as well), and dip some red peppers or carrots in. Just nibbling on the carrots is somewhat satisfying as due to their consistency, you can make them last for ages...

    What's also super filling - I find - is German style rye bread (pumpernickel), I used to eat that stuff for breakfast topped with a butter spread and some chicken breast slices... I always cut off the dry edges and suddenly a slice came in at around 120-130 calories... :)

  • Hi Foodie87, i'm trying soooo hard to be really good and unfortunately if i snack bad then i can't stop and before i know it a snack has turned into a 3 course dinner of snacks :)

    Really like humous so will give that a go, already munching on carrots so it will give them a bit of a lift.

    Going to give the Rye bread a go as well, haven't had it for years, will be nice to rekindle the taste buds.

    Thanks for the advice :)

  • Branflakes and juice together is quite a bit of sugar and could be making your insulin levels spike and  blood sugar levels drop hence hunger. Maybe try some porridge instead, the no sugar ones with some berries? Or eggs for breakfast? Lower sugar bit more protien might keep you full till lunch - worth a try ☀️

  • Good point, I hadn't thought of this, 😊

  • thanks for this - i dropped the juice from my breakfast as i was only having it to count towards my 5 a day but seeing as i've increased my fruit and veg considerably i don't actually need it so i'm using the 'spare' cals to have more for breakfast and it's keeping my fuller for longer - thanks :)

  • Sometimes a mug of low-cal soup will stop the hungries, or a hot chocolate drink (weak or low cal version).  I sometimes have a large orange or banana mid-morning for around 80calories.  Also Hartleys 10 Cal Jellies are useful when you have run out of spare calories!

  • thanks, i'll get some in the cupboard, i have been having a Bovril but doesn't seem to be quite enough

  • I like aldi/lidl multigrain crackers - 23 calories each. I also have grated carrot with lemon juice or diced cucumber with lime. A small portion of almonds is also good - i saw a tv programme saying your body can't break them down fully, 1/4 of the calories don't get absorbed, so they're alright to eat on a diet.

  • First off if you feeling hungry before you workout try a small pre workout snack, like a protein drink with frozen fruit. To many fruits at wrong times. Limit to pre and post workout. Thats when your body needs it. You need more fats to lose fat like avocado, nuts. Remember protein and fats to lose fat, protein and carbs to gain muscle (which btw is the best kcal burner you body has.).  Bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms  ect are freebees. You should be able to eat as much as you want. The reason for the cravings is probably insulin resistance. You need to be insulin sensitive.  To much fruits at wrong time. Insulin is what determination where your sugar goes, fat or energy fuel. Working out fasted is one of the quickest ways to burn fat, thats the only time to hold back food for your body. Once you  start working out, you will lose hunger, your body will switch from its feed and breed setting to fight or flight.  Increase protein and fat intakeand lower carbs especially fruit. Your cravings should disappear. I love icecream so i used a protein powder, scoop of bcaa's cup of ice and banana, tbsp of honey. No more cravings. I dont do diets i live like this now. And i continue to gain muscle and lose fat but as far as your cravings try to keep your macros to protein and carbs 1g per lb of bodyweight fill in the rest to equal 100% with fats (coconut oil, avocado,  nuts).   This works l live gaining and losing fat in cycles every year according to my contests. Craving held me back this is how i got rid of  them.

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