Start of Week 29 … All Change

Reverend Charles Augustus Goodrich (1790 – June 4, 1862) was an American author and Congregational minister, who popularized the motto "a place for everything and everything in its place".  I do not know about being related, but I do love the idea of everything following an order of some fashion; even my socks are kept on a shelf in order of what to wear next.

Occasionally however I am reminded that the universe does not follow my regimented pattern and apparently some of you enjoy the chaos.  Hence when I had to switch to Saturday evening weigh-ins, since I now travel on Sunday evenings to fit in with my new job, my life appeared to come to an end.  Deep breaths and some relaxation exercises and I have managed to put my life back in order.

The down side is you do weigh differently at different points in the week and so I am unhappy that I weighed in heavier this week.  However, since this is now the “new” norm I am going off the “new reality.

What a long ramble to say I have put a couple of pounds on this week and I am unhappy about it.  I do not even think it sounded convincing.

A new week and a new start.  Let’s hope your weeks turn out better than mine did last week.


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5 Replies

  • Mine was about re visiting calories , I'm such a nibble person, my downfall, 3.5 lbs off, tough for you being away, onwards and off, try to be more careful, harder for you being away from home tho

  • Sorry you've put on some weight but your post did make me laugh! Hope you settle into your new routine soon ☀️

  • You definitely weigh different at different points in the week and day.  You say you have put on a couple of pounds but how can you tell as you are weighing in at a different time so you don't have a previous weight to compare to.  Glad to hear you have got your life back in order and I am sure the relaxation exercises helped.  Hope you have a good week and the scales show you the numbers you want next week.

  • You will have to chill out Johnny,

    Don't weigh yourself for a month and see how much you have lost then? (only kidding). 

    But you should weigh first thing in the morning after the bathroom visit and leave your socks off! 


  • I had to make an "adjustment" also when I got new accurate scales 😕 But I knew in reality this is just a number, what counts us what you are eating and how much you're moving 😊 Hope the new job is going well 😊 Good luck! 

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