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13 days ago, Nurse told me I was 15st 9.5lbs. Friday end of my second week I weighed in 14st 10lbs... Fantastic weight loss, well after last night being up with my disabled daughter I can truly tell the difference I still have energy this morning....

But being tired is making me want to grab the biscuits well it's quicker then making my breakfast. I haven't had one as I decided post my craving rather then eat it, as I know I never stop till the packet is empty.

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Great self-control there Clumsymare, way to go! You're going great guns with your weight loss and it's so good you feel energised which means you are in a better position for your daughter. 

I have fibromyalgia and hope the weight loss will give me some energy back too.

Have a great week and keep away from the biscuits! X


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