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Eating out - Bills restaurant

We snuck out for the day yesterday and the children stayed with my parents (we told the children we were going to the allotment - teehee).

We walked over 12 miles in central London and had a great look around.  Worn out, my husband suggested 'Bills' as we needed to find somewhere to eat before we got the train home.  So, in we go.  The food was very nice (I had the fish pie) but no information anywhere on calorie content which was really frustrating (and I was too shy to ask).  After all those miles, I didn't lose a gram yesterday *sighs*...  beware Bills....

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Still, you had a treat which will set you up for the week ahead hopefully.  Got to fit the odd special occasion in among our more self-controlled days....!


Yes, you're right.  I've just been really strict with myself and I'm in the zone, so don't want to scupper my progress.

Still, it was a very nice fish pie :-)

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I like Bills too , its annoying that no calories on the menu though.  If  I am being good Id go for chicken skewers or a skinny burger with salad , no bread or fries and one glass of prosecco ....but there again I am not always good! Having said all that, if you count it in and adjust your intake on other days you can definitely still lose weight. I followed that pattern for a year, lost 2st, and have kept it off for a further year. 

Good luck with your progress too.

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