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Sprung a leak part 2

Well came down stairs to find another fish had committed suicide by jumping out of the plasterer's bucket last night. I'd deliberately left all the plants floating on the top to stop this from happening too!

Filled the replacement tank bit by bit over the course of the morning to check that there were no leaks on this one, especially with it having been stored outside. No leaks thank goodness, but evidence of a small crack and a couple of chips in the glass where it's been stored upside down in the garden. The tank's been given a thorough clean and some duct tape tightly fastened at the corners to make sure the crack doesn't creep or the chips come loose. Decided to have a long coffee break listening to the birds in the backs and was promptly visited by one of the ducklings who comes back every year. She's two now, and has a mate in tow. She's lovely, doesn't quack but makes endearing little squeaks and feeds from my hand.

Well back to the tank, topped up filled with the tank water rescued yesterday and topped up with some fresh, warm water to speed up the process of getting the tank water to the required temperature. Moved across the bog wood with some plants on to give the fish some cover and set up the heater and temporary filter. The rest of the plants will need to stay in a bucket and hope for the best.

Now to net the fish. No Mr Nice Guy this time, they're too freaked out at having been netted three times yesterday - quick and fast and straight into the tank. They freaked even more when they realised that the bare bottomed tank was acting as a mirror. Unfortunately this tank doesn't have a lid and bearing in mind the two suicides to date, I decided to get a few handfuls of gravel and lightly cover the bottom to keep them a bit happier.

This evening we've been chuckling as the angels are actually watching telly, a luxury they've not had before! They've even started to take food too - a bit like pop corn at the cinema. The fish which have been taking the leap of faith have made an appearance at last and looking for food, so cross fingers the saga is over (famous last words....)

So reflecting on the day, not good! Biscuits, chocolate, anything I could nibble on really - tomorrow's weigh in is definitely not looking promising :-0

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The saga of the leaky fish tank has made me laugh!  It is a shame it has driven you to the biscuit tin, but oh well, tomorrow is another day, and hopefully all the lugging about of buckets of water has burned off a few calories along the way!


So do I DartmoorDumpling especially having lugged fish tanks and gravel about the house as well!! :-D


I really  loved reading all this saga! I am  sorry for what you have been through but it's  lovely to get an insight into the real  lives we  have to  live which doesn't always revolve around calories and resisting them! I love the idea of the fish watching TV.  My daughter was into  goldfish  once and  we took a   while to discover how to look after them properly  which basically boiled down to not over feeding  them I think- now my daughter is 16 an d not  interested at all so I   look after the surviving  fish-  little  Beady who keeps going,  on and on- I  swear he knows when we  are  around and  comes to say  hello. I'd love to get him a companion but an  terrified of upsetting the  balance in the  tank which has  served us so  well for Beady's five years of life- and suppose he  didn't  get on with his  new  companion??!  Anyway thanks for the entertaining  posts!! Good luck  with resisting the biscuit tin!


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