Not sure where to start

Hi all. My name is Amy.  I work in an office and my current interest is renovating our house. With a busy work and home life, I havent had time to look after myself properly and I'd like to start now. I have put on quite a lot of weight lately and I am looking to get involved in exercise,  find buddies to work out with and a good diet plan that both me and my partner can follow. I am however not sure where to start. Any ideas?


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  • Hi Amy, welcome to this very friendly forum. I only joined a couple of wks ago and have been made very welcome. 

    We are all in the same boat and all have different ideas and tips on weight loss, exercise and general morale boosting!!

    A lot of us are here after downloading the NHS weight loss 12wk plan. It's fantastic full of information on calories, portion sizes, exercise .... the list goes on. Would definitely recommend as I've lost nearly a stone in 8 weeks 😀

    It's not really a diet it's a chance to change eating and exercise habits for the better and get healthier and ultimately loose weight.

    Anyway .... welcome and as we say onwards and downwards.

    Claire x

  • Hi Claire,

    Thank you for the warm welcome and congrats on your weight loss! :) 

  • No problem 😀 don't forget to ask any questions (even daft ones) someone on here will know the answer x

  • I will do, thank you x

  • As Claire said Amy, the NHS 12 week weight loss plan is really good to start you off. You can calculate your recommended calorie intake and get weekly e-mail support. Good luck x

  • Hi,

    Thank you :) x

  • Hello,welcome as claire2stone has said, the NHS website seems popular, not that I do it myself.

    Lots you can do with a slowcooker recipe wise, steamer and hob wise, think rice noodles ( even the dried can be soaked in 4 mins😊) , mama noodles and they are called, Google lots of recipe ideas.

    Also salad ideas, currently I'm loving raw sweet peppers as a snack, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, all high water based veg.

    Good luck

  • Thank you Diana :)

  • Hi welcome to the forum everyone is really friendly and helpful here. My tip in addition to food and exercise is to keep an honest record of what you eat. I used to use an exercise book and work everything else now I use My Fitness Pal online. It helps me keep an eye on the calories throughout the day and spread them out and also at the beginning it helps me see patterns of what I'm eating too much of. If you're making some sort of meal from scratch you can put the ingredients in and how many portions it serves and it works out the calories per portion for you as well. You can also record exercise and fluid intake on there as well. You can also set goals. Try and drink plenty of fluids and try and get plenty of sleep. Also be kind to yourself don't be hard on yourself if you have a bad diet day or a week of not losing or gaining a little bit, our hormones don't help there :-) Good luck

  • Thank you x

  • Hi, I've been doing fitness blender workouts on youtube for a while. I've now found this site and I've used the BMI calculator to find out what weight I should be. A few sad hours later I'm looking at healthy meals and recipes, planning meal ideas. Using the calorie counter. This time I'm factoring in treats or snacks because I've been cutting out things and it's not helping. It's early days for me. 

    I'm surprised how much I've done so far though, I've never done so much exercise and I find I enjoy it sometimes and I'm proud of the exercise I've done. I guess it's important to recognise how well your doing as well as to make sure you keep at it

    I'm not using the 12 week plan but I'm trying to exercise and eat healthy

    all the best, you're in good company

  • That's a really good tip, I'll check those videos out :) Thank you x

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