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Well it came and I gave in ,I have been away on an outdoor information activity thing with volunteering I do this morning ,And gosh was it cold , infact freezing but kindly someone made a treat tiffin traybake and I just couldn't help myself I had to have a bit with a hot drink and mmm it was lovely , I was still freezing but it made me feel better.

Got weigh in tomoro week 8 hoping for 2 pounds over last fortnight. Only managed 2 days at gym tho this week as been so busy. Fingers crossed.

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Good luck with weigh in tomorrow!



ah well you have to forgive  yourself sometimes!! hope the  weigh in  went  well

I am in the States on holiday with  my son, with no  scales to  hand so next week will be  my reckoning. My son orders a pudding quite often and twice they brought TWO  spoons...'cos it's so large' aaaaargh Try an d resist  that

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A gold star I lost 2 lbs at fortnightly weigh in, well chuffed would have preferred 3 but new had not been that good.


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