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Well Hi there folks! Have just signed up to this, as I really do need to make an effort to lose 2-3 stone! I have a desk job and the pounds have crept up on me without noticing, not helped by all the biscuits I eat to break up the monotony of sitting in front of a computer! I had an informal health test the other week there, offered free by the council and found that my cholesterol is also slightly high, so I need to take action! My general diet is actually quite healthy . . . but it's the naughty snacks, including chocolate and wine which are my are my downfall! So, I'm going to try to aim for losing a pound week and see how we go!

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Good luck to you too! I'm on the same page as you by the sounds, lol..So its a New start for me (Starting tomorrow) lol..  doing my homework  and making some plans ready for meals etc.. We can do this!😁


Get yourself a box of water based veg, and increase the water, certainly works, never been desk bound tho, always up on my feet at work



I joined on Wednesday and everyone has been so welcoming!

I find when I'm really craving something naughty i drink a glass of water so far I'm finding it helps. My fitness pal has been so good too, its really opened my eyes to the amount of calories some foods have so helps me make better choices.

Good luck on your journey!


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