Well, all geared up to start the NHS 12 week plan tomorrow. I had an operation for hyperparathyroidism 2 weeks ago, the condition played havoc with my metabolism/hormones and I put on 21lb but now I intend to lose it! I've been practicing counting the calories this week end in preparation and am looking forward to preparing and cooking healthy, interesting, delicious meals!

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  • Thyroid stuff can be a tricky hurdle to navigate but definitely helped by eating. Good luck for the following week.

  • Hi, it's the parathyroid, not thyroid, but tricky all the same!

  • Hi  there Caz, all the best for your new start tomorrow ☺I'm with you on that one! Lol.... Well I had my last blow out today, 😋 and ready to knuckle down tomoz, we can do it!! 😁Trac

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