Trials and triumphs of an old timer

It's been a funny old week. Started on a high with the new exercise bike ❤️ It feels so good to get a decent workout However, I also struggled with my eating at the start of the week, seemed to be extra hungry, couldn't seem to find a good balance. You would think after all these months I would know what I was doing!!! 😕 So I had a long think and a chat with my lovely hubby: solution : eat more!! I hadn't appreciated how increasing my exercise would increase my hunger. Doh! Result? Much better since Thursday when I upped my daily calories back to 1400. At the end of the day increasing my fitness is more of a priority just now.

Another major plus for me this week was going to F&Bs for dinner, eating until I was full and then stopping. Leaving food on the table in front of me and not eating it. Left over Pizza?? Unheard of!! Lol 😂

So my lovely friends, fingers crossed for morning weigh in, 4 weeks until my holiday, 2 kg seems a lot to expect but increasing fitness is now a reality 😊👟🚴🏽🏊🏼❤️

Happy Sunday everyone 😊


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8 Replies

  • You seem to have worked it out though Anna61 and be winning overall even if it did go a bit pete tong in the middle of the week.  And leaving pizza??? Never!!! Lol :D.  I'm off to Ask tomorrow and have sussed out the menu - the seafood pasta methinks!

  • I really like the emphasis on getting fit and love the fact that you left food on the plate on the restaurant. All power to you - go girl!!!!

  • fingers crossed for you tomorrow Anna and you will smash through that 2kgs by holiday time :-)

  • Thank you 😊 I do try to tell myself it's not all about the numbers but it would be good to be 60 something kilos 😊😊😊

  • Yes, we cannot get away from those numbers, BMI, calories, kilos etc. but it gives us a target to aim for. I want to be 80 something kilos :-) 

    I am, at present, obsessed with all the figures but it is working for me and I am not sure how it will go when I go away next Sunday. I have said I will stop counting and weighing  for the time we are away, 5 weeks, and eat sensibly from what I have learned over the past weeks. 

    I have one week left and I would like to lose another one kilo before I go away so if I can do it so can you ! :-) John

  • Good luck to us both 😊

  • Good luck with uour five week trip, Im sure you'll handle the eating ok, and any spare pounds will soon come off again afterwards. 

  • Thanks Ellie, yes i am not stressing about it too much just looking forward to some sunshine!

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