Here we go......again!!!

I shall embrace this 12 week challenge! I shall stay on track! I shall loose weight!!

I am sure I have said this one or two (hundred) times before, but God loves a trier!

In my 4th decade now and to be honest this is all getting a bit ridiculous. If I hear one more person say to me, Eat less Move more, I am likely to explode...(oh that could be a good way to loose some weight!) I like to think I eat well and within sensible limits, and I also do quite a bit of exercise, but the fat seems to like me and just wont leave.

My doctor has said I must do the 12 week NHS course before they will do any tests to see if anything else could be an underling factor - that is great, other than all of the courses being run anywhere near me are all during the day and as self employed mother of 2 taking time off working during the day just can't happen.

So luckily through some random weight loss link from a class in Birmingham ( I am nowhere near Birmingham) I have found the 12 week course on line - I have bought my folder, signed up the forum, calculated my BMI and I am ready to go full throttle....

I hope and pray to the healthy eating Gods (not diet Gods, this is not a diet its a way of life) that this works, as I can not bear the thought of another 12 weeks down the line not having lost anything - I have still not lost the Christmas pounds and there was a lot of them.

So, if you have read this - thank you for your support and as we go through these next 12 weeks I hope to read your inspirational stories and hints and tips as well.

Good luck to us all.



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12 Replies

  • Hello and welcome! This is a great forum and there is loads of support to stay on track. I think lowcal the administrator will send you a link to the newbie post on the right hand side. Some of us use the myfitnesspal ap which is very helpful to keep on track with the calorie counting.  I've lost 5lbs in weight and 2 inches off my waist so far on the 12 week programme. I think it is a good lifestyle check-in. Counting the calories is definitely the key for me (as well as keeping active). If only I had known that a raspberry and white chocolate muffin is over 400 calories, I would never have done it! Good luck!

  • Thanks Seuzan - I have set up the myfitnesspal app and was horrified to discover one marshmellow is 25cals!!! bang goes my sunday evening of smores on the fire!

    Congratulations on your inch loses - very impressive.

  • I know! Try looking up a pret a manger chocolate croissant. I was mortified!

  • Good luck, I'm a newbie too, about to Try Again, lol.. Starting mine tomorrow, 😁

  • Good on you.

  • Welcome and Pom pom waving for you:-)

    A few folk are doing the one day at a time approach - making sure they stick to whatever they need to for  a day - it helps break it up a bit.

    Many of us have all been here before - and it is frustrating:-)  i assume you know about my fitness pal - which tracks and records calories consumed and weight etc.

    No doubt Lowcal will give you a welcome hello - and encourage you to join our very own generated Monday weigh-in:-)

    good luck:-)

  • Love the Pom Pom waving - makes me smile. Thank you!

  • Welcome K

    Well, you said it, keep on track and you will lose weight! 

    No human being can create mass, we become the weight we are because of what we consume and how active we are. So even though you say you are eating healthily it might be portion sizes? That was certainly the case for me and a real eye opener, as was the calories in wine too :-( 

    Good luck it is not easy but it is worth it :-) John

  • Thanks John, I have cut down to once a week drinking....I just need to not make it a weeks worth in one night anymore!!! I have decided Friday will be wine night....haven't looked at calories yet.........

    Thanks for the support.


  • Good LucK with your efforts.

  • one bottle of wine approx 500-600 calories and 20g carbs ! :-( 

  • Well done for committing and I wish you very good luck with your 12 weeks.x

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