My Story and a New Start

Hi there to you all,☺ I'm Tracey, and  I'm looking to make a New Start!! I'm going  to try again with a new weight loss program,  to be honest I've done every diet there is, failed some and been successful  many times too!  like many of us I don't seem to maintenance  the loss for long thou...

I seem to be struggling these days to maintain  any type of weight lose that I've   I've achieved, its a pound or two off, then a pound or two on!! so  I end up getting disheartening  and  blowing it!  Its not rocket science! I know exactly what needs to be done to lose weight!  EAT LESS MOVE MORE!! Simple as.......(unfortunately  talk is cheap, as I don't always practice what I preach! lol....

I've  got a great incentive now! 😃  because I've booked A Cruise Holiday  for October, so  I need to get Cracking!! I've got 6mths to lose 2 Stones, it is achievable as I've done it before, and I can do it again!

Not really a fan of exercise, 😉 and I know its what I need to incorporate  to lose my weight. I've got no excuses really, as I've got the tools to do it,  so I plan to make a  start Tomorrow (Monday 18th) with the NHS  diet plan &The Couch to 5k program too using my treadmill ☺ Good Luck to you all ☺ We can do this!!!😁 x


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13 Replies

  • Good luck and very best wishes 😊

  • Thank you Anna,  its never to late to try again  ey 😉 how  are you doing? ☺

  • Had a funny week but hoping for a loss of some description tomorrow for the weigh in 😊 Thank you

  • Aw Mondays  are always  a tuff one for Weigh In I find,.... but on the upside It usually keeps me from pigging out on the Sunday, lol I think its knowing  I got to get on those scales in the morning! All the best for weigh in, keep us posted ☺Trac

  • Yes we can do this, a bit of planning and the right motivation and we'll get the excess baggage licked! I'm going to start C25K too, probably Tuesday...will love to know how you get on. Good luck Tracey! :-) xx

  • Aw thank you  Jem, I've downloaded  to C25k ready, lol.. I mean Business  this time,😁.Thanks lovely will keep you posted, good luck with the C25K too ☺ I had success doing WW last time..lost 2&half stone in 10months, kept it off for a Year... then before you know it I'm back to Square 1!!  , I think  the portion control  made a big diff for me( As I can be a bit greedy,lol) love my Wine too! lol.. so I will be factoring  that in too.(within moderation of course) lol..  I do need the discipline &restriction so that's  why I'm gonna  try the  NHS calorie-count to pull the reigns in!😂 All the best Jem  Xx

  • I've never done WW but have done Slimming World on and off for a while but I can't stick at it as it's too restrictive. I like that with calorie counting you can factor in the foods you like i.e WINE AND BREAD lol! But also aim for your 5 a day and healthy stuff too. Surely best of both worlds lol! Just got to get C25K on my phone and I'll be ready to go. You'll be awesome T just go for it! X

  • Aw your right there J, I liked SW too, but as you said it can be restricting  when you've run out of Syns, lol..I  do feel we probably eat healthier counting calories as we automatically maximise  what we can get from the calories(fruit n veg) and don't feel deprived  cause you can have a bit of what you fancy if need be ☺ ...Aw well I've just had my last blow out!(I won't say what I've ate today!)tut tut... but new day tomorrow  and I'm Ready for Action 🎧🍉🍇🍓💪  watch this space, lol 😇x

  • I think healthier options are easier when you make the decisions for yourself and can work out what works for you. Anyway Weigh-in Monday on here tomorrow and a new day for you, draw a line under today and join in with the action here tomorrow, new start hey 😉 👏 x

  • Deffo Jem ... good luck for WI  hope you get a Result at the scales!😁 keep us posted ey,☺ X

  • W3 for me tomorrow T but really like W2 as was away last week so hopefully at least a maintain as wasn't too bad but didn't count! 😊 x

  • C25k is great been running for about two years now treadmills are great when it's raining but must say there's nothing better then a run in the park first ting in the morning especial this time of year

  • Hi Gareth, sounds great, not sure if I've the confidence  to run outdoors just yet, I did do it before, just need to crack the whip and get back to it, lol..have a good week.😁

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