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Trying to tone up/lose weight

hi, my name's Jen

I'm 27 and I've noticed I've put on some weight over the last few years. Either due to moving out of my parents house or from unhealthy food choices after/during work. I haven't really got a plan or anything, I've been trying to do workouts whenever I can. Cardio or pilates on youtube(HIT). So far I've noticed a firmness in the muscles in my right arm and left leg! . I mainly (like everyone no doubt) want to tone my core but I'm working on my overall fitness too.

I find healthy eating really hard. Today I'm spending time with family and I won't have a say on the meal. And when I do long shifts in work it's hard to find healthy meals other than a salad or healthy rice dish to satisfy me for a ten hours shift. It's also very difficult to have willpower when you're boyfriend buys crisps or pizza. But I'm trying.

I just wanted to join a forum for some advice and support as nobody I know is trying to lose weight or get fit or anything so it'd be good to chat with some people who are and give my family a break :). Sorry if my post is ranty or anything I'm not very good at writing on forums and I do notice I don't get my point across very well. 

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Hi jen, I know what you mean about willpower. Its hard for me too but it gets easier I promise. I just started the 12 week plan this week & its really good as is this forum & the people on it. Also have thought about writing a diary, really helps! I just finished a aerobic class & I'm feeling fit. 

Your post is perfectly fine don't worry! :-) have a good day & good luck x


Hello and good luck 😊


Ha! I so get the crisps and chocolate sabotage! It may not be intended that way, but it can be very very hard not to dive in.  I would definitely keep going with making fitness your key goal; muscle uses up fat (I am told) and takes up less space! Well this is how I rationalise it. Salad and rice dishes when you've been working ten hours sounds very sensible. You need proper food to get you through and help you keep out of the crisps!  Good luck.


Thanks for the support, I checked my BMI today and was shocked when it said I was overweight. It's made me more determined to stick to eating better and doing more to be fit. 


Update: bought myself a scales and it said I only weigh 11 stone 1! I've been using myfitnesspal and was consuming 1,200 a day, or trying. I've upped this to 1,400 and I'm still struggling to keep it down. Need to find some filling meals. 


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