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Chocolate my Nemesis!


Hi everyone! I'm new here and I'm starting the second week of the 12 week weight loss program. Hoping I can kick the chocolate habit!! Chocolate is my nemesis!!! Hoping to find my waist line again under the chub :)

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Good luck, I'm starting tomorrow, don't deprive yourself, a fudge is only 115 calories, so could easily be counted in.  I'm going on holiday in 3 months, so have a goal to aim towards!  Good luck 😊

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Great tip thanks. Its such a refreshing way to diet without feeling completely deprived! Good luck slimming before your holidays! 

I feel your pain. There's a good few choc biscuits around 100 calories. I like a blue riband (99 cals) to cure my choc cravings or you can get mini daims in a pack that are 22 cals each. Aero choc mousse is 88 cals so you can always treat yourself to low cal choc treats if you spare yourself 100 cals through the day 😊

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Yum!  they should slip in easy for my chocolate fix :) I've  been surprised how many calories I have left over for snack just by being smart with my main meals. 

Hi i started this as a lifestyle change not a diet because i knew there were some things i couldn't give up completely without being tempted back to them, chocolate is one of them although I've cut down drastically i still have it as my snack at night with a cup of green tea, no cake choc biscuit's scones etc, but if I'm on holiday they will be there if i want it, get home and back to my healthy meals lol,  good luck onwards and downwards 😁👍

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Thank you! I think cutting back will help to really enjoy chocolate treats when I do have them. Chocolate really is something I couldn't last without! 

emm, me too! I start this 12 week programme today and I have a bar of dark chocolate in my fridge left over from (I'd like to say Easter) from my shopping at the end of last week!

I need to find some alternatives to sweet things - that wont cause to much damage.

Good luck in the weeks ahead.


We can do this! I'm gonna bake a magic chocolate cake which is delish and about 90 cals for a small slice. Then I'll freeze it in slices to have a chocolate back up plan! It uses xylitol and apple sauce to sweeten it. I think I found the original recipe on satisfying I can't see it on there just now but I can type it in if you're interested. Good luck! They won't recognize us in 12 weeks!!

Hi Pippa5 - perhaps you could post a picture as it sounds great! sadly I am no chef so please do not type out the details just for me!

Good luck with your 12 weeks - and the weeks after that too!!!

I have found that Option hot chocolate drink can be a good solution in the evening if I need a chocolate hit.

Curly wurlys are only about 100 cals 😍

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