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Sprung a leak!!

Well the start of my weekend was interesting to say the least. Decided I treat myself to a sausage butty for brunch - not had one for a few months and fancied a change. Didn't worry about it as I knew I'd be knuckling down to moving my aquarium from the dining room into the lounge ready to put the new floor down and get decorating. Can't wait - the house will finally be finished - yeahy....

Finished by 3pm and found that the lamp had decided not to work. Not bothered as it'll help the fish to settle in following the trauma of being netted and kept in a bucket for most of the day. One disappointment was to find a dried out body where a fish decided to commit hari kari by jumping out of the bucket!!

Now time for a quick cuppa and off to B&Q to look at laminate flooring . Getting excited now.

Come home and notice a damp patch on the new carpet next to the newly transferred tank - horror, the thing has decided that after more than 10 years, to spring a leak. PANIC!!

Rapidly start to empty water and net the fish again. Plasterer's buckets come in useful as these hold 40ltrs of water which enables me to continue filling the rest of my buckets. Quick call to a friend who happens to have an empty tank in his garden and the husband is dispatched to collect this.

The tank's been stripped down and everything popped into the rescued tank water to keep plants and filters alive. The replacement will need a good clean which I'll sort out first thing tomorrow and slowly fill with water to check we don't have any problems with this one too.

In the meantime, my diet has really gone down the drain. We've finished a chicken pasta ready meal in a bag from Iceland along with a garlic bread. Washed this down with half a bottle of wine and a couple of eccles cakes. Things have definitely not gone well today!!!!

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Nightmare!!!  Hope you get it all sorted soon - I think any normal person would reach for a bottle of wine after that!!!

Tomorrows another day......

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The really annoying thing is that I have a new fish tank which has been sat in its box for the best part of 5 years having won it in a blind auction. This tank is 5 times the size, and once the dining room is decorated, will be put into action and replace the one that's decided to leak today. - typical!


Aww, good luck - hope there are no more leaks - was always my biggest dread when we had fish.....


Haha sounds like a day in my life! Hopefully back on track tomorrow 😊


Putting that garlic bread and Eccles cakes into the shopping trolley might be where it went wrong!  I used to love Eccles cakes.  My Mum had them as one of her cookery examinations so I lived on them for at least one happy week as a child.  Oh food memories why are they always so kcal loaded?


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