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Please help hernia hell

Myself and my partner are both over weight. But my partner has had an hernia operation, now a year later he has put on so much weight and feels really bloated all the time and is struggling to eat he's really worried but he has been back to the hospital about the operation and they said everything was fine that end. So now he feels really unwell. Can anyone suggest any thing for him he has low moods and low energy.  

Many thanks.  

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You may find some more info on health unlocked regarding hernias, have a look, not very sure about them

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Hi Sarahjdurham,

So sorry to hear that your partner is having bloating and discomfort, and that he's feeling really unwell.   It's good that he went back to the hospital to be checked over.  But maybe he could discuss his further concerns with his own GP to see what his GP advises, as he is still in discomfort, and his moods and low, as well as his energy.  The GP might be able to recommend something to help.

As Diana mentioned there are some information pages on the NHS Choices website about Hernias - and here are links to them:



I'd also like to give you a link to our Welcome Newbie post, as you might find some helpful suggestions and information there for your weight loss goals:


I do hope your partner will feel better soon, and that hopefully he can access some helpful advice from the appropriate medical specialists involved in his care.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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Hi Sarah,

Are you suggesting that the hernia operation was not successful and caused your husband to gain weight? 

Hernia ops are straightforward and unlikely to go wrong and of course your husband has had this confirmed by the hospital, I had an umbilical hernia op 3 years ago.

You said you are both overweight so have you looked at both of your diets? I would suggest that you keep a diary for a week and write down everything that you consume, including drinks and treats etc. and I mean everything. Weigh your portion sizes and calculate your calorie intake per day and also your macro nutrients, (fat, carbohydrates, protein), these are all on the back of the food packaging or you can easily google what they are.

Check what your BMI is and what the suggested daily calorie intake is to enable you to safely lose weight, if you have a lot of weight to lose then consult your GP.

I am sure that if you start to follow a healthy eating lifestyle that your husbands weight and moods etc will improve. Also if you keep a diary and note how you feel after eating etc it could pinpoint foods that cause you problems.

Good luck


Simple carbs like bread, potatoes, rice, pasta cause me terrible bloating, I could never bend forward without feeling pain and sick.  10 weeks nearly without them and I am very happy with my weight lose but even happier without the pain of bloating. 

As Kantara and Lowcal say, you must consult your GP, explain everything, write it down if you have to. 

Start to do a few minutes of just being happy, even a fake smile will get the happy hormones going, dance a little bit, be silly. 

Put  happy songs always on somewhere and just jiggle that butt, laugh at yourself, get hubby to do the same put the music on loud, be young and while he is upright get hold of his hands, smile and laugh together and just dance around eventually he will feel happier, honest, even if he is pretending it gets too you and you can both smile at being silly again.

Good luck :)


Hi Sarahj, 

There are some great ideas and links above from everyone who has commented.  So I am just coming at it from a slightly different angle.  

Sometimes, if we have an illness or a health shock, we go into siege mentality and become couch potatoes.  Dealing with stress can make us do this too.  It is worth looking at both your whole lifestyles to make you more healthy overall.  So that you can start enjoying life again.  

Do you both sleep well?  If not what would make you sleep better?  Work it out and make the changes.  Is it worth taking a multivitamin/multi mineral tablet for a month or so?  In case of minor deficiencies.    Most supermarkets do their own brand versions which can be the cheapest option.  Do you both manage to get a walk in most days?  Even if it is just popping to the shops.  Just half an hour will make a real difference. 

Looking at diet is also worth it.  Replace some of the fats, all the sugar and combinations of starch, sugar and fats, on your plates with lots of different veg and fruits.  I bet if you just did these simple things for a while you would feel much better.

In the meantime, is it worth him making a GP appointment?  Help him make a list of the exact symptoms which are worrying him so that he presents the real issues to the GP.  Having his hernia op may have made him more aware of his mortality and/or his body.  And now he may be worrying about things he wouldn't have noticed before.  But it is worth having a check up and not only to settle his mind but to be sure that there isn't any problem.  

Are there any family problems or work problems which are worrying him more than usual.  Talking with him may help him work through those.  He is lucky to have such a caring partner as you to support him.  Although it is clearly worrying you too.  Hope you are both feeling happier and better soon.  



i have had a big hernia op about 2 years ago now, the first 6 months were the worst, but is does get better, i was in a lot of pain, and had bloating. it takes your body such a long time to readjust to having the extra bit of you back in your body!! and closed! it was awful for me for 3 months, then bearable for another 3 months, then it settled. I'm not gonna lie, I do still get twinges every now and then, but nothing compared to the pain from the hernia. It doesn't stop me exercising now, or getting on with my life.

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