Strength Update

I haven't landed a job yet, and have been messed about by two employment agencies. 

I've consistently managed to increase my strength training, which is helping to maintain some esteem. Today I did:

Upright rows 44kg x 5, rest 3 seconds then 1 final rep

within 8 seconds pulldowns 60lbs + 3.25kg x 5 reps, rest 3 seconds then 1 final rep

Lunges Bodyweight + 32.5kg x 7, rest 3 seconds then 1.5 final reps

Tricep pressdowns 40lbs x 7, rest 3 seconds then 1 final rep

within 8 seconds Dips Bodyweight + 5kg x 4.5, rest 3 seconds then 1.5 reps.

Generally the concentric contractions are done in a cheat style, with all of the eccentric phases strictly controlled.

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  • Hi Concerned,

    I'm sorry to hear you've been messed about by 2 employment agencies, that is not good.  I really hope you secure some new employment soon, that is commensurate to your skills and expertise, and good luck with it all.  

    Your strength exercises sound impressive and diligent!  Great that you've increased them and that you're finding some esteem from doing them.  

    I really enjoy doing strength exercises, and hope to continue with mine too.  I dabble with weights a bit at the gym, but essentially the ones I do at home involve purely my body weight - i.e. press-ups, sit-ups, squats.  I am impressed by your weight lifting and reps, and hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    Wishing you luck on the job front, and hopefully something suitable will come along soon.  

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal.

  • My excess bodyweight matches your strength weights and raises it by another few pounds lol  You are being very dedicated, especially the dips, just thinking of doing them sends my shoulder nerves into spasm ;)

    Sorry the idiots are being stupid, they are mere mortals and we on this forum are anything but mere mortals, we achieve the impossible on a daily basis! 

  • Upright row 46.5kg x8, 3 seconds then 1 final rep.

    Pulldown was pulling me out of the seat, so after a longer rest I tried some negative-only chins with bodyweight plus 20kg x 6, 3 seconds then 1 final rep.

  • I have no idea what you're talking about, but it sounds really impressive!! ;)

  • Lol. I was going to post something from YouTube, but they're too scary. Essentially, I hold an overhead bar (in an outside doorway) jump to bring my chest near to the bar, then lower myself under control (extra weight hanging from a chain on a belt).

    The upright row involves gripping a barbell with weights with an overhand grip, hands only about 4" apart, use momentum to 'cheat' it up to my chin, then lower under control.

  • OMG! That even sounds scary! Good for you! I struggle with my 4kg kettlebell! :o

  • We all have to work at our own level, and be careful not to overdo it.

    I wonder how strong I'll be when I'm twice as old :-)

  • Good grief, when I'm twice as old, I won't even be a strong smell! ;)

  • 5th May Upright row 49kg x 6, 3 seconds one final rep.

    Chin bodyweight + 20kg x 8 negatives, 3 seconds then one final rep.

    6th May Lunges bodyweight + 20kg + (2 dumbbells + 8.75kg each) x 6 reps, 3 seconds then one final rep

    Tricep pressdowns 40lbs + 3kg 7 reps, 3 seconds then one final rep.

    Within 8 seconds Dips bodyweight + 15kg x 4.5 reps, 3 seconds then 1.5 reps.

  • Hi Concerned,

    I've been neglecting my Strength exercises this week - I really must try to get back to it.  Glad to see you're keeping up with yours.  Really good!!!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

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