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Men to Women Study: The Results

Hi All,

I realise a graph isn't really possible to do, so this is the best way I can show these results:

Total number of people taking part: 22

Total Men: 3

Total Women: 19

Total Obese: 13 (59.09%)

Total Men who are Obese: 1

Total Women who are Obese: 12

Total Overweight: 7 (31.81%)

Total Men who are Overweight: 1

Total Women who are Overweight: 6

Total Healthy: 2 (9.09%)

Total Men who are a Healthy Weight: 1

Total Wome who are a Healthy Weight: 1

Total who are eiter Overweight or Obese: 95.45%

Thanks to everyone who took part - please let me know if you want anymore figures!


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Hi Rob,

Defnitely a larger proportion of women participated in your study.  I hope you enjoyed doing it.  Were you surprised by any of the results, was it what you were anticipating?

Hope you're having a good weekend!

If you're doing your celebrity weight-loss blog, there was an article in the Daily Mail Saturday supplement today about Paul Hollywood who has lost some weight.  I was also thinking that Jamie Olliver has lost weight, and is promoting his new book on heallthy eating as a result of that.  So those celebrities might be good for your blog?

I'm sure your list is growing in terms of potential people to include.

Lowcal :-)


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