Coffee, more coffee and more coffee .This is one of my cant give ups. Water just doesn't do it for me unless am gyming it , altho I do have a glass first thing when getting up and on the way to bed.

I have it black and have now tried many of the flavoured ones mmmmm , hazelnut and irish cream my favourites 2 cals per cup.

But I know all the caffeine is not good for me . I do have a couple of herbal teas at work in attempt to cut down ,but I can drink 8-12 cups a day doesn't seem to affect my sleep either I still make a good nodding dog on the sofa. Does anyone think this is too much I thot it was supposed to speed up your metabolism too or is that a myth ????


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11 Replies

  • Hi Dish70,

    I just had a quick look online and found this article which you might find interesting:

    It has lots of links to other articles about coffee as well.  

    Personally I have about 5 cups of coffee a day, and find I am fine with that amount.  It doesn't impact on me at night-time, I can sleep fine after a cup of coffee, but I know for many people it can disrupt sleep if drunk in the evening.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Very interesting article and an interesting site too.  Thanks for the link, Zest.

  • I find a little coffee is a good wake-up drink in the morning, but too much makes my head buzz and causes too many visits to the loo.  Everybody is affected differently - my partner drinks coffee all day long and late at night, yet sleeps like a log!

  • Hi, caffeine is a diuretic so multiple trips to the loo is inevitable. We switched to caffeine free coffee and tea, now no problem. I walk a lot and stand on my feet at work 4 hours at a time. I couldn't have managed without going to the loo in that time frame. No problems now, but if you do switch only buy GOOD quality brands as the cheaper stuff is like dish water.

  • Hi dish70, I also love coffee, but have de-caffeinated and only one caffeinated coffee a day. This is usually Nescafé Cafe Caramel, really yummy 68 cals, (included in my calorie count). Definitely my daily treat to look forward to 😄😄

    If you wish to go down the decaf route, I would suggest doing it gradually, I made the mistake of cutting out all caffeine in one go and was all over the place for about a month. Wasn't until my head and body cleared that I realised what caused it ... not pleasant!

    Good luck with whatever you decide 👍👍

  • Have you tried lemon tea with a bit of honey, available from all supermarkets, it hydrates you and flushes your system out-always have one first thing...

  • Our bodies adjust when they can. The caffeine would have sped up your metabolism until you got used to it. However, speeding up your metabolism is not a good thing as it speeds up ageing too, so your body will return its metabolic rate to normal.

    Caffeine negatively impacts insulin/IGF-1, and may lead to chronic ill health from inflammation/hormonal disruption.

  • Thanks for replies will make a decided attempt to cut it down, and try decaff .

  • I am a coffee fiend too as I have up to 5 pint mugs a day.  It is mostly black at the moment.  I sometimes replace it with tea, but, of course, that has caffeine too.  I used to drink diet colas as my cold drinks.  It did affect me once, I had pains in my toes and finger joints, like repetitive stress injury.  The toes were difficult because it affected my willingness to walk, so I piled on the weight.  So I am a bit more careful these days.  I find I can lose all the symptoms by drinking an equal amount of water between cups of coffee.  So in front of me in the evenings is a pint of coffee and a pint of water.  And there are no refills of the coffee till I have finished the water.  Does make your bladder work overtime!  Otherwise it seems to be fine.  

  • Gosh that's a lot of liquid ,could read in the bathroom all night LOL  xThanks

  • I love Red bush tea it's caffeine free and I still get that lovely feeling of holding a mug with a hot drink in it.

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