Reboot and struggle

Okay started from week one again this week (luckily hadn't gained after last week) and then life throws a curve ball. Nothing serious just husband gets ill followed by good self. Thanks children (aka virus test tubes). So now I just want comfort and sleep. Part of me wants to give in to how I feel, the other feels a lot of guilt about this (the eternal struggle). Plan, after meds low fat hot choc and bed me thinks. Maybe a low fat jelly for my throat (eating that is rather than rubbed in). I'm still gonna do this! 



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13 Replies

  • I sympathise Gonnadoit, during this journey almost (if not all) of us have obstacles in our roads, strength lies in accepting, getting over them and continuing on our journey. So well done you, living up to your name - you are gonna do it! 😃😃

    I also have sugar free jelly and a low cal hot choc on the menu for tonight 😀😀

    Onwards and downwards 


  • Thank you for your kind words x

  • Hi gonnadoit. Sorry you're feeling unwell, hope you're feeling better soon.

    It must be a week of problems. I stiffled a sneeze last Sunday and pulled a muscle (hope that's all?!?) on my rib, felt a 'pop' and ouch it's been hurting ever since. Very painfully to touch and sneezing or coughing leaves me doubled over. 

    As you can probably guess I haven't done any exercise!!!!! Feel very bad but done lots of walking and tried to eat well. 

    Will visit docs on Monday if not any better so I can keep with my weight loss plan. 

    Enjoy your hot chocolate and jelly.

    Claire x

  • Gosh, hope you're feeling better! Sounds like you might have cracked a rib! Thinking of you x

  • Thanks gonnadoit 😀 I'm feeling a lot better, my ribs OK now must of just been a muscle. 

    Did 2 work outs last night on davina 5wk fit and OK this morning so hopefully on the mend.

    Hope u are feeling better too?

    Claire x

  • Hi Gonnadoit,

    So sorry to hear that you and your husband have been feeling ill - I hope you get some good quality sleep after that low fat hot choc and your meds.  Hope your bed is comfortable and you sleep really really well.

    Take the time you need to get well, as your health is the most important thing.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you. Hubby now better but I'm off work. Haven't felt this bad since my dalliance with flu 5 years ago :-(

  • Take it easy.  Get well soon :-)

  • Its hard enough dieting when well, never mind being ill , Poor you !! If your body tells you you need something just have it .In a coupleof days you hopefully be better and can get back on track .

  • Thank you for your support x

  • Don't force yourself to be good.   Just have what will make you feel better.  Chances are you will eat less and sleep more anyway.  Most over the counter pain killers affect weight in the short term, but not once you are better and stop taking them.  

  • Your words meant a lot to me. Sometimes it's good to hear that being human is okay :-)

  • Gonnadoit , 

    Hugs.  Hope you are feeling brighter too.


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