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Birthday Cake Challenges x2


Today is the Birthday of 2 of my Children, Oldest is 19 and the Snottery one is 3. Always take the kids out for a family Birthday Dinner which is fine as we are going to Harvester so chicken breast and salad for me, BUT!!!!! There is cake today and there will be more cake on Sunday for the wee ones party. Birthday cake is LOADED with calories. I know a sane person would say, "well just have a little bit" haha....noooooo that can't happen in my head. plan is, going to costco tomorrow for party supplies and I'm going to choose something tasty that i really like and include it in my intake for the day. I will go for a walk early doors before the party and get some activity calories. That way I can take care of me and still enjoy the party and indulge in my chosen goodie without going off plan. 

Now, should that plan fail, I fear not for I know I can exercise more to pull it, its all good and positive.

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It's great to hear how focussed you are.  You are very encouraging.  Well done.

Have fun with the birthdays!

Great plans.  I am really lucky, I hate icing and not that keen on sponge, so not many birthday cakes get by me.  Do you remember Harry Secombe's diet?  He said that you can eat what you like as long as you don't swallow.  If all else fails and some flies in your mouth, just say "Harry Secombe" and spit!  That way you would have had a taste, but few of the kcal.  Snottery can't see you doing it, in case there's some learning!  Have a lovely time at your family occasions and well done for planning it all out.  Much more chance of succeeding with a clever plan.  


You are thinking and planning and not just mindlessly eating so whatever you decided to do I am sure you will succeed because you've thought it through! X


Sounds like you have a good plan.  Allow yourself a little treat, and enjoy it and don't feel guilty, but just have to try really hard not to get into it.  Think of how happy you'll feel afterwards if you have a little portion (that you've accounted for) and that you haven't broken your diet.  Good luck!

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Maiziepops,

Great plan, and I hope you enjoy the Birthday celebrations with your children.  

Have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)

I love your thinking. I would do the same think how great you will feel saying NO to cake ......That is quite a challenge .!! As you say if you do indulge there's always extra exercise to burn it off ,. Win , Win

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

Another way to deal with your desire to have birthday cake ....cut yourself a piece, wrap it in clingfilm and take it home and freeze it.  You have your cake, it is all yours ....and will sit in that freezer until you have either got to target, or found someone more deserving to pass it on to!  Sometimes the "owning" of the food is more important than the "taste", and you won't feel deprived.

I think you have a plan. You are so funny you must be a pleasure to live with. Have fun and enjoy, you've got it sorted. Well done. 

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