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Just signed up for the 12 week course, to loose weight hope everyone's ok and getting on top of things

If any one can come up with some ideas to loose weight. So I would like to no what I can and cannot eat apparently I have to much calcium in my arteries so the doc has told me NO DAIRY and to loose a weight. Been eating salads for dinner the past two days also having normal main meals also started getting back on the bike and done 5 and mile ride yesterday. So as I say I would be very grateful for any help. Weight taken at the hospital was 14st -2lb  height is 5'-9"

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Hi LickielA,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS community forum.  It's great that you've signed up already to the NHS 12 week plan, it is a really good structure and a great resource.  I'd like to give you a link to the page which includes information on Vegan diets, as I notice your doctor has advised you to eat NO DAIRY.  I hope you find it helpful:


Please also have a look at the Pinned Posts area (right-hand-side of the homepage) for the Welcome Newbie thread and also other posts which show what is going on in the forum currently. 

We have a Monday group weigh-in too - (see the Events section, further down the homepage - right-hand-side) so do check that out to see if you might like to participate.  You'd be very welcome.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Local, thanks very much for your reply and I've had a quick look at the vegi opposition but I don't no if I could take to that option. But thanks for your help👍

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And you 2 have a good weekend 👍

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HI LickielA,

I've found that making batches of things like soup and pasta dishes for example are a way to keep food interesting and calories down. I love salads, but at times find that maybe I want something warm, or just fancy a change, and being able to pull something out of the freezer and pop this into a microwave is great for me.

If you go on-line, there's a website this forum tipped me off on, called myfitnesspal. This has a facility to log your food for the day and convert this to calories to help keep tabs on how much you're actually eating, but it also has the facility to enable you to key in recipes and work out the calorie content. This website also works out the dietary information you may need which the recipe book doesn't contain.

Hope you have a great week xx 


REDX1995, thanks very much for your reply  and ye I'll check out that web site I think that's what I need is something to work out the callories for me and ye we can see what we eat but we don't no what callories where eating. Again REDX thanks for your help and you 2 have a great weekend 👍


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