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Australian Paradox under fire

A very interesting article : Australian Paradox under fire.

I don't know how to link this article on the forum, so you will need to google it. 

It is a study by two so called "experts" from the Sydney University, saying that sugar had nothing to do with obesity and diabete. However, the fact that the researcher was paid by Coca Cola makes it laughable and scary too. Who can you trust? 

Also mentioned is the scientists working with G I Foundation charging A$6000 for manufacturers to get the tick of low GI on their packaging. A pound of sugar had a tick. In the end it is the consumer who pay for the tick as the manufacturer will just add it on to the cost of their products. 

I understand the Heart Foundation was selling their "tick" on packaging, now we have the Glycemic Index foundation doing the same.

Amazing ! 

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Thank you for this Kai-An, I did not watch the Lateline program, but it more or less follow the news article I was talking about. Just a bit more scientifically worded. Gosh, some of those researchers have a lot to answer for.


Yesss, it is the article I was talking about. Meaning the first one : Health experts hit out at Sydney Uni sugar study. You are a clever cookie.


Hi nhs2015,

I will look forward to reading through these when I get to the weekend - many thanks to you and to Kai-- for those great links to the articles.

Lowcal :-)


great good to point it out!!


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