Your biggest obsessions, revelations, annoyance, worries and joy?



Obsessions-. Using the tape measure for my tummy taking ages to go down,    Each morning I input my cals for the day allowing for steps, if an item e.g sausage takes me over then I won't have it.   The gym have to go everyday one day cardio next strenght.

Revelations.    How food can control you esp sweet stuff.  I will never be a size 12 my hip bones won't allow.

 Annoyances.      Other people obsessions with numbers and myself (how much weight do you want to get to,  are you eating enough or your eating again)  answers not weight it size concerned with, cals allow it.     Being inbetween sizes too small for size at but not quite there for size down.

Worries.  Keeping my weight and shape right once achieved my goal.  

Joys.   Weight lose, dropping dress sizes, how health and full of energy I feel.  

Now what about everone else?




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14 Replies

  • Hiya,

    Haha, I'm sure we'll all have a few of these....

    Obsessions - weighing myself every day.  Couch to 5k, I even bought a running magazine the other day *blushes*

    Revelations - reminding myself that there are times of the month that weight won't shift and I have to accept that, and that if I don't lose weight, it doesn't mean that I won't the following day, or the day after that, so don't give up.

    Annoyances - that chocolate isn't healthy (boo)!  and that weight loss takes a long time, so have to be patient.

    Worries - can I continue (some days are hard), and maintaining a healthy weight once I reach my goal

    Joys - that I'm no longer overweight, have lost nearly a stone and feel a lot better for it - and that hopefully the lady at church won't ask me if I'm pregnant again (when I'm not)!!! :-O

  • Why do people do that just because you have a tummy does not mean your pregnant.   

    Chocolate yummy told my instructor do not tell me no chocolate, sweets, cakes cause I will want more.  So on days when I fancy it count it in then work meals around it.  Try Gullon biscuits gluten and egg free only very small but 2 will cure it.

    Congrates on weight lose, slow off is best.

    Good luck 


  • Haha, yes, I have had two children so when I told her I wasn't pregnant again, she said, oh, that must be your mummy tummy then...  thanks for that *sighs*.  I don't care now, and it has gone down quite a bit which is good news.

    Thanks re. biscuit tip, will check them out - I do like biscuits.  I've been eating rich tea and biscuits like that because they are fairly low cal.

    Good luck to you too - this is a very inspirational group :-)


  • Hello, enjoyed your posts son1 and gottodothis, made me smile as I sit here contemplating the choc biscuits i bought for my boys. I have been starving all day but eating well. Haventgiven in yet so will get to bed early tonight I think!!

    anyway my new obsession is weighing myself and weighing my food every day!!! staying in the calorie allowance so far. worry about giving up it with lots of butter. Better stop thinking about it.

    Good luck everyone !

  • Hmmm . . . I'm sure you will get there greeny4 but I really struggle with hunger and giving up my favourite bread, so I follow quite a generous plan that avoids hunger and allows for some bread. Obviously we are all different but slow and steady is doing it for me as it's important I follow this plan long term 😊

    Good luck! 

  • I agree that it's a long term plan and you have got to stick with what works.  I did manage to avoid the bread and butter the other evening only to smell the toast my husband was helping himself to when I was in bed......

  • I know!!! Why do men do that??!! Sooooo hard as hot buttered toast is my nemesis!! Lol 😊 

    Good luck 😊

  • Hi Greeny4,

    It is so funny how one day you can hardly eat while another you can't eat enough.

    My tea consisted of fish in batter, roasted courgettem aubergine, carrots, tomato, a potato, boiled sweetcorn and peas. My husband asked 'Are you sure you have enough veg and where is the fish?'.   Bread is one sourdough roll a week (I have ibs) but miss bread.  

    How is your diet going?

    Good luck


  • Hi Wendy 

    Thanks for your reply.  I'm staying within the calories and have cut back on bread and rubbish like crisps. I'm also doing exercise and have lost but it is slow and I wonder if I should cut cards out completely. I'm impressed with the vegetables you include. .delicious. how are you getting on? 

  • You need carbs I plug this app alot and no dont work for them but if your phone can download myfitnesspal, you can programme it for amount of cals allowed oer day, mine 1,200 cals a day that is 50% 150g carbs, 20% 60g protein and 30% 40g fat.  My gym manager set this for me.   It counts your steps and adds them to your intake, works out everything from cals to micronutrients I would be lost without it. Will also shock you. 

    If you like rice try basmati,  rice/noodles try barenaked they £2 a pack but can do 2 single meals hardly and cals and gluten low.

    All this is what I have learn't, been advised or read on here. 

    I'am well thanks and working hard to lose this tummy (months to inflate yrs to de flate) 

    Good luck 


  • Thanks for your help.  I laughing about the tummy statement. true. Good luck to you.  I will get those noodles. Might be on the  menu tonight :)

  • Morning Gottodothis 

    Similar obsessions!! Checking calorie content of everything and thinking how hard I will need to exercise to burn it off!!! I also weigh myself every day 😕 Perhaps need to stop this . . .

    Joy when I fit smaller clothes, especially favourite top from several years ago, but dismay when I catch sight of my (lumpy bumpy) self naked 😕 

    And feeling on top of the world when I manage my favourite cliff top walk (up a loooong slow hill) 😊😊😊

    Good thread 😊

  • Obsession: Reading these posts! (I should be working right now as I work from home)

    Revelation: How an extra stone or two in weight can slow you down and age you!

    Annoyance: That filling up on Tea, Coffee, Fruit Tea etc keeps making me want to visit the little girls room!

    Worry: I worry that my adult children don't share my enthusiasm for healthy eating.  Fortunately they both live a long way away so I can't nag them.

    Joy:  Seeing my 83 year old mother planning her next hike with her local Ramblers - she got her weight under control in her 50's and has survived a heart valve replacement and has energy to spare!  What an inspiration she is.

  • That could be us DartmoorDumpling  with a bit of luck!! What an amazing lady she sounds 😊❤️😊

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