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Struggle, Struggle and more Struggle

 I am moving in two weeks and the pressure of it all it entails is putting a real "binge" temptation strain on me as the move and making good the new property is entirely on my shoulders!!!!

Being an emotional eater this has been a real test for me 

So far I have resisted binging but had a couple blips (mainly eating crisps) but have tried to compensate by upping the walking exercises when the blips occurred!   

At the weekend I decided to give the exercise a rest and only achieved approx 7000 steps each day but felt very guilty !!!  

I needed to switch off and  chill out and binge watch some TV before my head exploded with all packing, organising  etc ...lol

Anyway that rest did me good and I am back on track with the dieting and walking and a bit of excitement is creeping in over the move .. Woo Hoo !!

Hope you all have a great week !

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I just moved 2 weeks ago so I'm totally with you about the stress aspect. You just have to plough through until its all done. Make sure you still have fresh fruit/veg in even if you're trying to run down your fridge ahead of turning it off. Try to pile up boxes away from the area where you sit to relax, and pack a few days essential supplies in a main suitcase to last you for the couple of days round the move itself. Good luck!


Oh my, you have my sympathy MagsC 😕 Moving house is sooooo stressful 😕 But Think of all the exercise packing and moving boxes, deep cleaning, trips to tip as you de clutter, crying as you find infant school pictures (or is that only me??) not to mention the actual move, unpacking, more deep cleaning decorating, more packing and unpacking as you realise THAT thing doesn't work in THAT space,  etc etc and that's before we think about gardening!! 

Very best of luck 😊 Keep us posted!


lol Anna there is that to it ...I found two photo's one of me at 16 with a sixties look ... lol and another one of me in my 40's wearing a size 8 dress *sigh* 

so yes a bit of nostalgia thrown in was kind of bitter-sweet .... along with a load of exhaustion !!

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