Its 4.52am, been awake since 4am and just ate 2 digestive biscuits. Now, thats not an EPIC FAIL...but the mountain of crisps and 2 Easter Eggs I ate before bed are.

Why?????????? I have been feeling amazing and doing so well. I will tell you why, I haven't walked or exercised since Saturday. I can't do this without the support of exercise. 

So, the plan is, a good long walk today and maybe a swim. Be kind to myself by doing something nice for me, probably paint my nails. 

I had contemplated keeping this to myself but its important that people know when we need help and support. This isn't a temporary battle, its a daily/lifetime struggle for me. 

I will not let me down, I can do this....


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32 Replies

  • You haven't given up, that's the main thing. I know the current thinking is that diet is the main factor in weight loss (and I'm sure it is) but I lose much more when I exercise regularly, and with determination, and I feel better too! 

    Be kind to yourself, pick up where you left off your exercise, and keep going - you definitely CAN do this!

    Kate :)

  • What's great to hear is how you have already made the decision to do the exercise today.   You are obviously in a good frame of mind.  Ok so you ate some extra calories, no ones perfect and it's not realistic to believe you'll never do that again.   Enjoy some 'me' time today! And well done for getting straight back on track 🏊🏽 💅🏽😀

  • oops ! a little hiccup ,glad to see your not beating yourself up tho . I am the same with exercise that's what drives me to keep going and if I don't get out im unsettled. Mind I think being up so early is a nightmare if you cant sleep .Have a good day today .

  • We all struggle stay strong go out and exercise  and you will feel more motivated I am sure

  • Dear Maizie, welcome to the club. It's a lifestyle change and we keep reminding ourselves of this every day. You/we can do this. You are full of energy and goodwill and will keep up the healthy eating. I think we can allow ourselves temporary lapses because we have a long-term goal. Your exercise regime sounds excellent.

  • The craving can bediifucukt when u AV been working hard so plan in the treat AV a glass of water 20mins before and u will be suprised what a difference it makes to craving ( tap water not fruity one , u will win through if you want to change you will 👍😜

  • I am going to ban crisps from the house! I ate a bunch WITH DIP! yesterday!  Did have a hard hours swim though. Have a good day. X

  • Well Done!!  Everyone 'falls off the wagon' from time to time.  What's great is that you've decided to get right back on and do something straight away without going on a prolonged binge.  You're doing the right thing with a really positive attitude.

  • it must of been a day for it I pigged out on doughnuts one small bag of crisps and some cheese .. I was very tired yesterday and find that when I get that tired that is when I graze .

    This morning I still feel full .....but like you I am determined to carry on.

    I have a room to finish painting so that is my goal today up and down ladders should use a few calories lol

    Realising what triggers these binges is all part of this incredible journey which is life.

    I hope you enjoy your gym session the endorphin rush will make you feel good I am sure .

    have a good day folks😃

  • There is a big lesson to your slip, do not allow yourself access to easter eggs, biscuit's or crisps, ever ;)  You are not alone, this last week it has been impossible for me to do my exercises and worse, I have actually been eating very little and skipping the small amount I normally eat.  So I have been back to just one carb free meal and its not been an effective week.

    Today I am kick starting the exercise again, regardless of all the stuff I have to get done ;)  What day is it anyway i have so lost track!

    Onwards and downwards, we can do it :)

  • Yes you can do this! We all have bad days, and we all now this is never going to be easy and yes for a lot of us this will be a daily struggle. However, get up and get out there, do your exercise, forget about yesterday's bad day as today is a new day, one where you will succeed! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU WILL SUCCEEDxx

  • Like you, I have experienced a blip recently. Let's just pick ourselves up and get going again. No one is perfect but we can do it even if it is with ups and downs. Enjoy your exercise. :)

  • You only fail one day and then you pick yourself up. I still binge eat and I have got better but food is my answer to all life's struggles. It use to be cigarettes but now I've been quit a year almost I want to focus my attention to food. Food has always been there for everything too. But I know that if I don't succeed one day I can try again. You can do it, everyone can. Its not about who has will power it's about who wants it the most. Good luck with your weight loss xx

  • Wow I so agree, I gave up smoking 5 years ago, and put on so much weight! Just replaced one addictions for another, it's the motivation to want it bad enough! Focus and we'll all get there

  • Love your positive atitude, can I borrow it for the next time I fall foul of the destructive munchies?

  • When people are successful, it is not that they never failed on the way. It is that they picked themselves up and carried on.  That is what makes them successful.  It is also worth looking at what you did when you are safely over it and fully back on track to see how you would have handled it on a less vulnerable day.  So you have done the first in a very thorough fashion.  Any thoughts on the second?  My only strategy is to avoid temptation as much as possible.  But there is a downside to that one.  When I find myself in a temptation rich environment, I can go mad.  Hence my big Easter binge which went on for all of 4 days.  But I have learned after hard and long experience what to do next.  Did it and. lo and behold, still got a tiny loss that week.   We will always have nights/days/weeks when we cannot seem to keep control as tightly as we would like.  To avoid it being months/years is the trick! 

    Thanks for sharing.  My first thought was "2 digestives?  Meh!  160ish kcals so what? Oh dear crisps and Easter Egg, I see where this is going."  I love anything with a high fat content and salt.  So could probably skip the choc egg, but would be right with you on the crisps and the digestives.  I now allow myself as many crisps as I want.  I just have to make them myself!   Kept me crisp free since Christmas.  The thought of going to buy some crisp type veges, getting out the mandolin, baking them in the oven with a measured amount of oil, has kept me safe.  Who knew laziness could turn out to be a virtue?  Have a lovely energetic day.  Hope your weather stays nice.  

  • Ok. That's fine, it's done now, so time to get back on the healthy eating x  it's only eating  , just not what you usually would choose . healthy eating is not about depriving yourself of what you like, it's learning about moderation . Get back out there , go for a long walk , look at the trees , and eat small amounts regularly . You can do it !! 

  • I've been on so many diets I can't count anymore and I got diabetes through pregnancy and I had to change my diet. Now I'm not pregnant I'm gaining again. But at the moment I'm moving and lots of stress is happening so I know once that goes it will be OK. Stress is one contribution to alot of things. I've had to be positive. Because this ain't no rehearsal. You only get one chance to be who you are. Don't waste it on diets for the rest of your life. Enjoy the chocolate but in moderation xx

  • I had a bad couple of days as well.  Monday (due to trains running really late) we ended up out for a curry.  I only count that as half a hiccup though as I only ate half the curry and took the rest home.  It really brought home how big restaurant portions can be when I put it on a plate to reheat yesterday and it filled the whole plate.  You don't notice when you're at the restaurant and all the food you've ordered comes in their own separate dishes.

    Yesterday was really stressful as I had to make the decision to cancel my Brownie meeting due to lack of leaders (for reasons to do with sick children).  Which had me reaching for the cake, leftover from a baby shower on Saturday.

    So that was curry, two nights in a row, plus cake.  But not as bad as it could have been as I only had half a curry each night.  So, to recap, a fall off the wagon, but not as far as I might have done. ;-)

    As you say, maiziepops, I will not let me down.  I can do this!

  • Hi, you are not alone, this is why we are ALL here, because situations and emotions trigger us to eat/drink the things that got us to this state. On the positive side you recognise one of your triggers i.e. lack of exercise, which in turn leads us to surf the sofa and then boredom sets in and we start munching! Keep your self busy at home, start knitting or do a jigsaw, something that occupies your hands and your mind. I don't get the overwhelming urge to eat the wrong things when I'm concentrating. Get going with the exercise today, learn from this 'blip' and have a plan in place for tonight! Good luck and keep going it will be SO worth it in the end. X

  • Dear maisiepops, you are no different to everyone here, we all have the 'break down' every now and then it's just human nature. But the big plus is that you are picking yourself up and getting back to what you know you need to do.

    Probably eating the chocolate and crisps is what woke you in the first place. I must admit 8-11pm is my worst challenge with picking. In the evenings I go upstairs and watch tv as this is the furthest place from the kitchen.

    Keep up your good work, you know how good you feel when you do.

    Virtual hug xxxx as you say 

  • It's ok to fall off the wagon every so often. Although  I seem to do it every other week but I am less than at the beginning of the year.

    However I no longer beat myself up about it and just say tomorrow is another day.  It will be different. 

    Enjoy the walk and swim today.

  • Ouch! It can happen to us all, everything going nicely and then we self sabotage for some unknown reason! 

    Well done for confessing to us all and so you should now put it behind you and move on. Even before you were trying to lose weight I am sure you had bad days? Just get back on track and aim for your next target. :-) John

  • You have so done the right thing in posting your "blip" as I think keeping it to ourselves is where the vicious circle comes in to it. If we don't tell anyone it is not happening, but it is, to lots of us everyday, so you are not alone. I have called it a blip because that is what it is, not a fail as you have said yourself you are doing so well and plan to move on with your exercise. Well done, you have identified WHY  which is more than I can do, so you are right, you can do it, the past is the past, put it behind you and have a great healthy day and when you have  painted those nails keep looking at them and remind yourself you are doing this for you. Good luck

  • You are so right - being kind to yourself and enjoying some exercise is the best thing to do - crank up those endorphins (or whatever they are!)  and good luck - we all have weaknesses, and the strength is recognising them and accepting being human.  You can do it! 

  • Sometimes we need a bit of a hiccup to get ourselves re-motivated. Keep the exercise going, maybe do a little extra this week, an extra 1/2 mile walk or a couple of extra lengths in the pool and it will make little difference. We can't be strict all the time.

  • Oh my! We have all been there I expect! I only keep healthy snacks in house now so the 4am munchies can only consist of cauliflower rice & peas in the pods, eat enough & satisfying the craving, I'll admit one night I was so hungry I ate the dogs milk biscuits! The shame!! Dog was not amused, I've only been on my diet for 3 weeks as well, we can all do this together hope you get back on track

  • More power to you X

  • You've identified why you ate the Easter eggs etc so that's a good start. 

    You're right you can lose weight and  I'm sure that you you will.

  • Try not to be too hard on yourself. I lost 2 stone last year and I am happy with that but I have put on about half a stone. Now I am being really dedicated with the food side but need to do more exercise. Hopefully my friend and I will be registering for a 10 mile run to get us focused. You have totally done the right thing by sharing. We all understand its hard to stay motivated. Good luck from here on in, you can do it. X

  • You're holding yourself accountable by sharing. This is such an important part of understanding our behaviours. You could easily have kept it to yourself and pretended it didn't happen, but you can see by all these positive responses to your post, you have I told support here from people who totally 'get it'!

    And so to take a leaf out of your book, I too confess to mindlessly eating a whole packet of biscuits yesterday, and then beasting myself with Jillian Michaels 30 day shred to make myself feel better. I ran today with my girls and have kept on track with my food too. Then the epiphany happened… ladies week began today and, I realised that, often my departures from the wagon coincide with this week!!

    Now I've noticed, it's something I can watch out for in future. We can totally do this 😃

  • I have been there many times and I'm very impressed that you shared it. I have kept them times like a guilty secret and made myself feel worse. I think you have got  the right mind set to succeed and I wish you well. I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and admit when I lapse and use it to push myself forward. Thanks for sharing x

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