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and my excuse this week is..... [    ].    Well, fill in the blanks dear reader. My first week turned into an 'I'll do this another time' mantra; which of course my inner saboteur jumped on as a truth!  So, I didn't count calories, I did not overeat just ate badly - too much bread and no planning.  The scales tell the truth - no weight loss, so I stand here accountable. Maybe by publicly acknowledging I'm wasting my own time will help me start afresh (again).  I so do want to be slimmer, so every minute that I am faced with food choices I will try to remember that!

I hope everyone on here will have a success story to report!

C x

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Hello borderlass 

Good luck for the rest of the week,   Knowing where we went wrong is important isn't it? Sure you will have a better result next Monday 😊

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oh dear you really need some motivation don't you? 

So are you going to start tomorrow? How much weight do you want to lose? Have you measured yourself, weighed yourself and planned your first weeks meals? 

Start to think like you are your own personal trainer and that you are your most important client, (which you are of course), track everything that you are eating and drinking and compare this to the NHS recommendations.

IF you are serious and stick to good advice then you will very shortly start to feel the benefits.

There is no time like the present so come and join the rest of us losers :-) John


Bread is the devil in disguise to slimmers and toasted is even worse. I just don't have it in the house except weekends. I buy enough rolls for family lunch boxes so they don't do without as none of them have toast for breakfast. Oatcakes are a better choice . If you cannot go without buying it lock it in a cupboard and give someone else the key LOL 

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