Starting again

Hi, I have some weight to loose not sure how much as I am having a scale debacle. I've bought 3 scales all say different things! However, I am sure if I could choose it would be the lessor amount of course. 

I started again, my first week last week. Was really looking forward to my weight in on Sunday but the scales all said vastly different things. 

So, I measured myself and have lost inches on my hips and breast area only. Non lost on tummy and waist. Although I am hormonal so could be that? 

I was quite active last week, and worked out most days for half an hour walk for a mile. This week (including weekend I've kind of lost interest). 


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6 Replies

  • I share your dismay when you lose inches from the wrong place!! 😕 I have targeted my waist with exercise, stretches, twists, salsa type dance moves etc and this time it seems to be working 😊 Also reducing starchy carbs and sugar, supposed to help us menopausal women (which it's not) but has helped my waistline. I have lost just over 2 stone but 7 inches from my waist!! Still waaaay too high though 😕 Good luck

  • wow so envious and well done. Those horrible inches are so hard to budge. I have really dropped my carbs and sugar down, so here to holding thumbs and maybe a shift next week. Well done you must feel fab. 

  • Feeling great thank you, it's so good to feel my fitness returning after quite a bleak year last year (health wise) 😊

    Yes, good luck to us both!! 😊

  • You should be pleased you have lost from some areas , there s never rhyme or reason to where it goes from .I would choose one set of scales throw the others and just use the same ones as long as you are losing that's what matters .

  • I am pleased! I've pretty much decided to use my 'older' scale. I had bought a digital and not spent too much on it. Oh hells bells it had me at a humungous weight. It's just they say weight around the middle is most dangerous. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get there. 

  • I am the heaviest I have ever been and it is all on my middle which is a first for me ,but after 6 weeks I have seen a difference , only weigh myself once a fortnight and keep active as much as poss. I'm lucky that I'm on my feet a lot with work but structured exercise really works for me .

    Good luck with your first few weeks ....  :-)

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