Start of Week 28 … Start of new job

I managed 240 minutes of exercise last week, but failed to get weighed in due to needing to travel to a hotel in readiness for a new job start on the Monday. 

This throws my schedule to smithereens.  Not only do I now need to think when I can fit in my daily walk but I have to be careful with my eating habits too, large breakfasts, what to do for lunch and late evening meals in pubs/restaurants.  It poured down all day yesterday and I have nowhere to dry clothes in the hotel room so that did not help.

The first day was not too bad since I had a reasonable breakfast with a little self-control, a reasonable lunch and no tea.  I did have plenty to drink though.  Like I say I need to get into a sensible routine that is good for me and healthy for my body.  This new role involves working away during the week and being home at the weekends.  I am aiming to do my walk after a light evening meal.  Best laid plans …

Any way that is my issue, and I hope your rhythms are a little easier than mine this week.

Have a great week.


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5 Replies

  • Hello, I can identify with this, hopefully your body will give you clues as to the best options.  I used to buy a few boxed salads during my time in care ( been out a while), a lunch /dinner, or a ready meal, I had access to a microwave too.

    The salads although expensive just kept me in control ( way back at the start of my journey), and were tasty, I think this could work for you, depending on whether you need to eat out socially or not, for your job.    I know myself I need to move to the starter menu and not main meals, as they are just too big.

    Let us know how you get on x

  • I just spent £17.00 on a meal out, which I will not be doing everyday, so expensive salads do not seem that expensive.  Thanks for the advice.

    P.S. I have just been for a four mile walk in a hilly park too, so do not feel as bad now.

  • Personally I did find waitrose and m and s ones the best, and with carbs, rice or potatoes, often they have an optional pot of dressing too.

    Well done on your walk, i' m on my feet at work, so I don't crave need that when I'm home!

  • Good luck with your new job......and even dancing in your room will count as exercise (and nobody will see you) so pop on the music channel and have a boogie!

    Literally just starting this healthy eating plan ....although I do eat a varied and healthy diet I do not count calories ....which hasn't helped, that teamed with health issues last year ....I did pile on the pounds.....but raring to go with 3 months until I go to Tenerife ....I would like to lose 1.5 stone (12 week plan).  I think the goal for me is more exercise and stay motivated!

  • Good luck with the new job and also finding a new fitness routine 😊 The last hotel I stayed in was on the 7th floor so I used the stairs daily . . . Puff puff !!! Lol 😊

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