Busy tiring day, slipped up πŸ˜•

Yesterday was a very busy day, 6 am start to help a friend out by driving her son to work. (Because I had to be up early I slept fitfully.) However, I felt OK, went swimming then did some gardening as it was such a lovely day. Also walked my friends dog for her who was very nervous and wriggled out of her collar and ran off, thankfully I caught her and she was fine. πŸ˜• But I ended up doing three 'mini' walks. Anyway, by the time I got my evening meal it was after 8 and I was waaaay too tired and hungry and could not get full πŸ˜• I confess to eating every single one of my 1500 maximum number of calories yesterday plus 6 more!! Eeeeek! Including a mini bounty as I had such a sweet craving. 

So, the lesson I learnt, (which I already thought I knew) is don't get too tired or too hungry πŸ˜• Even after all this time there are still days when we can slip up,πŸ˜• But it was just one day, so back on track today, having a lie in before I get up and do my morning workout 😊 Thanks for listening 😊


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18 Replies

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  • It's one day, too many one days add up, pack snacks with you..............I've just returned to the snack folk 'graze', I keep changing boxes!

    This will help you manage your hunger when out, and hopefully stop these moments, and move forward.

    If you've already lost keep going, it's one day in a journey x

  • Thank you, it was just a blip, I am doing well otherwise. 😊

  • Anna the tiredness catches me out all the time. I get so busy, so engrossed and before I know it I haven't eaten and I'm sooooo tired I just want to grab something quick and convenient which is usually crisps or chocolate. I have to try really hard not to get in this situation but its a constant struggle. That said, how fortunate  are we that we recognise this and can tame it and not allow it to determine the next day. well done x

  • Exactly 😊 Thank you, it really helps knowing I'm not the only one!!!

  • I have to manage my evening activities. If I stay up so late that I'm exhausted and still have to do our packed lunches that can be near fatal. As I can eat through another thousand calories almost unknowingly. I once ate my packed lunch while I was making his then spent 10 minutes looking for mine before I realised I'd eaten it... So I have to try and do the lunches while he is still up and I behave myself. and I have to NOT Buy jam. We do online shopping now quite ooften and an added bonus is that he looks through the basket to see if he wants anything put in and he will challenge any crap in there and we agree to take it out. Phew. I also take no money to work to avoid buying crap there. 

  • I mostly ate healthy things but virtually had two dinners!! And I know what you mean about packed lunches . . . πŸ˜• I normally cope quite well but it just goes to show even experienced "dieters'" can have slip ups. 

  • Hi Anna61. Sounds like you had such a busy day maybe you needed those extra calories for energy anyway. I am sure a lot of the activity of the day would have burnt up some of the extra. Glad it seems you are not beating yourself up over it.  We can't be on top of it all of the time. Back on track today :)

  • Yes, MFP only put me 6 calories over, thank goodness!! It was the (temporary) loss of control that was scary πŸ˜•

  • I think when I am very tired that it is hard for me to make the right choices. You had a manic day it wasn't surprising that something had to give a little.  Doesn't sound like you did too much damage though and hope you enjoyed your lie in :)

  • I got really tired yesterday with my early start for holiday and ate things I wouldn't otherwise have but as already said it's one day and you're otherwise doing well so no guilt and you're not alone :-) x

  • Thank you😊 Enjoy Sunny Scotland 

  • Skye and Loch Ness today. All lovely :)

  • I think a lot of people have done the same and some even worse . Managing a sweet craving with a small bounty is good. In the old days I can confess to eating a whole packet of biscuits.I think you're attitude is really great  - today's a new day . 

  • Thank you, I am generally quite 'in control' but having upped the exercise I may need to readjust my calories 😊 Have been on my bike, I then made vegetable lasagne for tea and red pepper and paprika soup for lunch 😊 Also had lovely hour in the garden, quite effortless due to increasing fitness 😊 Today is a good day so far!! 😊

  • Hi Anna,

    Glad you're back on track today.  Some days are just like that aren't they - glad you managed to get through it ok.  Hope you enjoyed your lie in today (you deserved it!) and hope your morning work-out went well too.  Hopefully the sun is shining this afternoon, and you'll have a really great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Having a much better day today,  thank you 😊

    And yes, the sun is shining and I have had s lovely hour in my garden followed by 30 minute brisk walk on the very cold blowy beach with the (better behaved today) dogs 😊

  • It happens to me if I get tired or feel unwell - currently I am struggling a bit with anxiety and depression - it is hard to be vigilant all the time.

    When I do go over, I try to institute damage limitation over the next couple of days.

    I hope you are feeling less tired now.

  • Yes, thank you, had a much better day, 😊

    Planning a healthy couple of days, apart from our friends returned from their trip and our dog walking "thank you" was my favourite Cumberland sausage!!  Eeeeek!! 😳

    Thank you for replying, hope you soon feel better πŸ˜•

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