Week 12

Week 12

Over 12 weeks:  Weight loss 12.75lbs  Waist loss 4"

1686cal/day  87min/day activity  

I great result for me. 41lbs to go, so at the same rate another 39 weeks to go. I am determined to get there. The 40" waist plateau I have been on for the past 4 weeks got me thinking. I watched the BBC 'How to stay young' show and it explained about viseral fat. So like Angela Rippon I've ordered some Inulin to sprinkle on my porridge. The side effects are gas and flatulence, so no change there! I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks once again for all your help and encouragement. Week 13 starts today.


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11 Replies

  • Hi FB,

    Wow, I like your photo - you look great and you also look really proud of your bike! You're making such great continued progress - losing 12. 75 pounds over 12 weeks, and 4 inches off your waist.  That's brilliant! 

    I've taped that TV programme by Angela Rippon and I hope to watch it soon.  It sounds like you found it helpful.  Hope you get on ok with the gas and flatulence side of things!!!  

    Good luck with week 13.  

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks very much LC. The show is still on i-player, it should be a good series. 

  • Great!  I'm looking forward to seeing it.  :-)

  • Brilliant FB I think you might have to consider changing your forum name?? I start week 13 too so just keep it rolling !

  • Ginger fresh is great for gas and stomach upsets............,minced, pref with skin on!

  • Well done! Keep up the good work, I'm so impressed, three weeks in for me yet to loose a pound! But I'm not giving up reading success stories like yours! Motivation 

  • I watched that programme, was really interesting. I couldn't remember the name of the product to help combat visceral fat so thanx for posting.

  • I wonder how many calories did you burn polishing that lovely bike of yours?  Looks lovely!  Well done on being so well motivated.

  • I think you need to change your name with that result ..well done you😃

  • Well done 😊 That's a great loss. You just need a gas powered motorbike . . . 

  • Fab result. Well done, wish 4 inches had gone from my waist, will have to look up about Inulin.

    Your picture is great and you look so happy!

    You won't be an FB for long.

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