Thyroid, diabetes and weight loss?

I have really been struggling with piling on the weight since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism four years ago. At the time my doctors said that as soon as I took the right meds the weight would drop off - however I have put on a stone a year and am now 5 stone overweight. I am also a type 1 diabetic on a pump. My problem is that pre thyroid problems if I put on a bit of weight I would juice or diet for a bit and lose the lbs fairly quickly. Now despite the doctors telling me my meds are at the correct level I find it almost impossible to lose weight. My doctors have told me 'it is normal to put on a bit of weight as we get older' and that people in 3rd world countries do not put on weight! Not only is this offensive but it seems they do not believe me.

That is the negative side - the positive side is that in my first week I have lost 2lb!  However, I have been here before with juicing, slimming world etc - I lose the first couple of weeks and then either stay the same or put weight on. How do I maintain the weight loss? Is there anything different I should do because of the hypothyroidism?

I am a vegetarian, 57 year old female. Try to do at least 20 mins walking a day and go ballroom dancing at least once a week.

Any help would be appreciated. xx

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Hi Tommisue,

I'd like to give you the link to our Welcome Newbie post, and also to the Monday group weigh-in session.  I'm rushing a bit now, as I'm running the weigh-in group, but I wanted to give you the links as there's a lot of useful information.  You might also like to look up resources in the NHS Choices website relating to your specific health requirements - i.e the thyroid and diabetes, as there may be some pages that are helpful there.  The website is really useful as a resource, and we are lucky to be linked to it, as the Weight Loss NHS community forum.

Here are the links I mentioned in the meantime:

Good luck with everything.  

Lowcal :-)

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Hello tommisue 

I feel your frustration 😕 I also find it more difficult to lose weight for similar reasons to you. However, with arthritis as well I was in a really black place and something had to change. 

What is working for me is a sensible eating plan with enough to eat so I don't feel deprived, but very careful portion control. If you do some research and find out how much you can eat based on your BMR you may be surprised. (I started out on 1400 calories) you are probably eating healthily anyway and may just need to tweak your portions 😊

 For me, this has to be a permanent, life long way of eating 😊 Initially I did not believe I would lose weight but I have, not huge amounts, but over 8 months it is over two stone. as the weight has come down my fitness has gone up and the benefits are amazing. 

Very best wishes and good luck! 😊


Thank you so much for replying, you have given me hope. I am on 1400 calories and am trying to eat up to that amount as I have been used to eating far less. I am hoping to find some way to improve my overall health and well being - I will follow your tips and just keep going.

Thank you and well done you for your own success - I know you will have had to work extra hard for it. xx

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Hello and welcome, there is a thyroid link here , under health unlocked, it may prove useful?

I know being 53 and having hormonal dramas , that being   out of sorts, my weight doesn't really change, apparently the estrogen upsets the bile, hence upsetting digestion and clinging on to the fat, lower carb helps, as does maca root for me.

I think research is needed to see the best way forward, meds and diet combo, having worked in care, medication interactions and side effects need to be considered too, I'm sure there are answers somewhere.

Personally I'd research


Thank you for the insights - I have never heard of maca root so will take a look at that. I think you are right about the research - although one piece of research seems to contradict the other - I suppose it is just a matter of sifting through and finding what works for the individual.


I know maca root works for me, I'd tried over the counter stuff, stories of star flower oil upsetting tums, it keeps my hormones ( well bloating/tummy stuff) down by about a 2/3 of what it would be it's known to rebalance hormones.

A good pharmacist should be able to guide you through stuff, maca may not be for you, if it doesn't upset your other meds then check stuff and try

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