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No idea why!

16stone 13lbs last week...17st 2lbs this morning...but actually this is after 2 cups of tea and breakfast, whereas usually I weigh in before the day starts. not panicking...I didnt fast last week due to having my granddaughter here over the school holiday, next Monday will hopefully be better.

No need for a reply, hard pressed admins of this group....and Good luck to those who have lost weight this last week.x

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My weight goes up and down like this so I now weigh first thing, naked (!) and before I eat or drink anything. By evening I can be anything up to 4lbs heavier 😕 So don't be disheartened 😊


Thanks...I couldnt do the very early weigh in today due to grandparent duties and the unwilling start to a new term!!


Yes me too

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I weigh first thing in the morning, naked and after having a wee. think that's the lightest I can make myself when I get up lol x


I was doing that, and I must get back to it.Had a grand daughter in residence, and was trying to get her to get ready for school...not fun!


Hi Gypsywife,

It does make a difference when you weigh - I would anticipate it would make quite a difference to have weighed after your breakfast as opposed to beforehand, so you can't really compare the weeks easily - so just stick with things, and next week you can see how things are, or even tomorrow, if you want to just double check by weighing before your breakfast etc.

Hope you're enjoying your week.

Lowcal :-)


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