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New scales - opinions please

I've had my old scales since Mrs Noah decided to take the washing in because it looked like rain.  Walking around Aldi I saw some really nice ones - only £12.99, so got them.  Very happy with them as they also measure fractions of a pound which help me with motivation (my old ones did stones and pounds and that was it).  You can also set them to measure body fat, water, muscle, etc. but I ask myself - do I need all that info?  I can't do any more than lose weight and how accurate are these things?  I'm 69 next month and although quite fit (do lots of walking) I'm certainly no athlete. I'm sure a lot of you have similar scales so any views would be appreciated.  Even more pleased with the new scales as they say I'm now in the 12's - whoop whoop.  I always suspected my old ones were a bit out as I always weigh less at the doctors when I go for my annual check up so new is In and old is OUT!

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Hello Linda_Bee

I wouldn't worry too much about all the other bits they measure, they're never very accurate. For example, my current scales were in the £100 region and measure weight and fat %, I still have an old set lying around which cost around the £30 mark and do they same as yours, so weight, fat, water, muscle. 

My expensive ones will tell me my body fat is around 28%, the cheaper ones tell me it's around 35%. They both use the same technology to get to those results... So who knows how "fat" I really am... I sure don't. 😊

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Thanks for replying - that's pretty much what I had decided especially as there's not much I can do with the results anyway, apart from lose weight, which I'm doing.


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