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I'm back!

First weigh in for 3 weeks as I was in Mauritius on holiday and yes I have gained weight but.....I was the lowest weight (53kg)since having children  (my son is32) before I went away and I am still in my maintenance band of between 53 and 55kg. Today I weigh 54.5 kg so I put on 1.5 kg in 3 weeks of eating anything I wanted and am still in my maintenance band (probably thanks to lots of swimming and walking) Very happy with that,  and happy that I dropped my weight to the bottom of the range so I didn't have to unduly worry about what I ate whilst away. I thoroughly enjoyed new tastes.

Now I need to reign it in and get back into my normal routine.  I aim to be at about 53 kg again by end of July when I head to Brazil for 5 weeks.... I can do this!

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Hi 2bFabnfit,

Welcome back from your holiday, and what a brilliant result!  You're still well within your maintenance band, and you've had a fantastic time on your holiday.  A really great result!  Great that you thoroughly enjoyed new tastes while you were away.

Good luck with reigning it back in now you're back to your normal routine, and it's good to hear you've got an exciting holiday to look forward to in Brazil for 5 week's time.  You can do this!

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Welcome back 2b! Sounds like you had an excellent time 😊 I've got no doubt you can reign it in, doesn't sound like you went particularly out of control, 1.5kg in 3 weeks could have happened anyway... holiday or no holiday ...


Thanks Ruth. I literally just forgot about healthy eating , took up sugar and alcohol again.... so it could have been a lot worse! I prepared to do so by dropping to the bottom of my range and it paid off. Now just a matter of getting back to my normal maintaining lifestyle. ...last year I got back from my holiday and the weight just piled back on. Not this time, thanks to this forum and being accountable to weekly weigh ins..I will maintain! 

And yes it was a fantastic holiday! 

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I just had a dodgy patch too, back on the alcohol etc with moving house, so I completely understand. Sometimes we feel like we have a right to let our hair down, but you've got to totally get back on it afterwards, don't let the break from healthy eating turn into a permanent state. Really admire your resolve. Lots of luck 😊

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Yep it is important to  allow for life to happen.  Times of relaxation are necessary.  But it is important to keep an eye on the ball. Hope you are managing to balance out your stresses x

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