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Eating enough cals?

Hi, according to my trainer, this website and myfitnesspal I should start my cals at 1200, but then by the time I have done my 10,000+ steps it takes it to around 1500, this is too much.  But I have also been told not to cal count when been to the gym, but if I don't would eat everything.

I have cut my start daily cal to 1100 so again with steps takes it down to 1400 which I can only just manage.  

Is this right or can I cut it down to 1000. 



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Hi Gottodothis

It generally isn't recommended to consume that little calories. I wouldn't go under 1200. If you get too little your body will eventually go into starvation mode, which will make weight loss more than a challenge. 

Body in starvation mode will not burn fat, it will try and create fat pockets to live off at a later stage, but it will most likely cause you to gain weight in the form of fat, rather than lose it.

I don't know how much you go to the gym, but 1400-1600 would seem a doable amount on a gym day... 😊


Good luck! 😊


It is a bit confusing isn't it? 

MFP sets your calories depending upon how fast you want to lose weight and how much you have to lose. I aim for 1lb a week as this is achievable for me, I'm not in a hurry! 

Mine is currently 1200 like yours, and with exercise and steps it goes up to around 1500. However, many people advise not eating the extra as its not totally reliable, but if I am especially hungry (after a swim for example,) I do eat more. i think you need to be guided by your body, and having enough to eat is key to sticking to plan. It's not an exact science unfortunately! 

Good luck 😊


I usually go 6 days a week for around 90mins, one day cardio one day weights squats etc.  

Think I'am finding it hard because my normal eating habit was breakfast then nothing till tea time always busy.  Now I have to eat more, have a lunch and a snack after tea (today banana and total fat free greek yogurt) my mind can't get around the fact to lose weight you eat more.

Complicated under statement haha. 

Thanks for advice will put back up to 1200.


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I think it also depends on how much you want to lose 😕 

Think i have mentioned it before but the foodforfitness blog and podcasts are great for advice about, guess what! Food for fitness!! lol 😊 Lots of info 😊 

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That happened to me. I used to be very 'bad' at eating. I hardly ate at all all during my 20s and 30s and now I am battling with weight because I eat slightly better than I did. I was told I had messed up my metabolism and now I gain for no reason. (At times there is a reason though I admit!)

I think we are to become fat burning machines! For me at this time in my life I have to eat every three to four hours. A light healthy small snack or meal.  Very hard to get ones head around it at first. But yes I'm living proof of the 'no eat' gain weight syndrom. 


It depends greatly on your current size (BMR) current activity level and your AGE .. basically the older you are the less you can eat. For example,  Im 63 and when I was 12stone I lost weight on 1400 cals net . When I got down to 10st , I stopped losing even on 1300.  Currently I am maintaining that weight ( have been for a year) but have to keep to around 1500 cals otherwise I start to gain again. 

A younger woman is able to eat more than me , Im sure.


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