One week along and doing ok

I just finished my first week. Yespecially I am 3lbs down but I found it to be a good learning experience on healthy eating. I set myself two goals that regardless of the scales I would eat 5 a day and three meals a day within my bmi calorie limits. I also used a pedometer on my phone a lot more to work out my activity level.  I fell off the wagon once due to stress. Used it as a learning experience and got straight back on again.  Also planned and enjoyed treats. I think I'm feeling much more confident of achieving my main goal of lifelong healthy eating and approach to food. So encouraged by everyone's posts here of successes and struggles - makes u realise no one is really alone in this. Keep going. 


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6 Replies

  • Brilliant what a great loss,  whatever you're doing it's working onwards and downwards 😁👍

  • Lovely post 😊 So pleased for you! That's a tremendous loss, well earned! The step counter is good too, k love checking it to see my daily/weekly average going up 😊  It's very sensible of you to tackle different 'problem' areas week by week and slowly create good eating habits. 

    Good luck!

  • Love your positive attitude!  Carry on as you have been and you will get there..

  • Awesome! Well done :-) x

  • You sound like you are doing all the right things. Great first week loss, helped by having your week planned.  Well done for getting back on track after you fell off the wagon.  Sure the scales will show you a good loss next week too. Have a good week :)

  • I think we just feel in control when we're getting it right.  It empowers us.  

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