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Calorie advice needed

On the NHS BMI calculator, the suggested calorie intake for me says "recommended daily calorie intake should be between: 1957 - 2517.  If you want to lose weight at a sustainable safe weight, try to stay within the calorie range".  I have been eating under 2517 calories (most days under 2200) and have gained weight.  Do you think it's ok for me to eat less than this?  It does seem quite a lot of food for weight loss?  How many calories a day do you think I should aim for next week?

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Hi Natz

Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't use the NHS calculator much, I thought it shows you the calories for weight maintainance. 

It makes me raise the question, which activity level have you chosen to get into the 1900-2500 kcal categorie?

You may have just over estimated your activity level.

The "simple" rule is, A pound of fat is about 3500 calories. so if you'd want to lose 1 pound per week, your daily deficit would need to be around 500 calories. 

As you said, the figure the BMI calculator comes up with seems rather high.

I always calculate my calorie need by telling any computer that I'm inactive. That way I can add my exercise to my burned calories as I go along.

I hope this helps a little and doesn't confuse more 😊

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I agree with Foodie87 i would do your calculations again, as those figures seem a bit high 😕 Sorry! 

I started out eating 1500 calories a day and now to lose weight need to average about 1250, I am not very tall and exercise moderately. 

Good luck ! 


Hi Natz994,

You're right, the recommended daily calorie intake range given by the BMI calculator is to:

"The BMI tool will also provide you with your own personal daily calorie allowance to help you lose weight at a safe rate."

It could be worth double checking you've got the correct range, i.e. re-input your data, just to double check things.  But essentially, as you're gaining weight at the higher level of calories, you could consider having less - as you'll still be in the range to help you lose weight at a safe rate.

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)

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Definitely put my details in right, and I put "lightly active" as I do spend a lot of my day on my feet and try to walk approx 30 mins 3 times per week.  If i put inactive I still get 1839 - 2365. I am in the morbidly obese category so maybe that's why it's giving me so many calories.  I'm thinking of trying out an 1800 kcal plan for a week and see if that helps?

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Hello Hidden 

That sounds like a good plan 😊 Having enough to eat is a big factor for me, and having enough for treats too 😊 That should give you enough to eat without being hungry, try to eat regularly too, not always easy with work 😕 

Are you joining us for the Monday weigh in? A good motivator 😊 

What is your target? I started out aiming for 5% loss, which made me feel so much better 😊 Small goals definitely work for me! 

Good luck! 


My target is to lose half a stone. 


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